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What To Pack For Camp-Kids & Coaches


What should you pack for Summer Camp?  Maybe some of the things I will list may be obvious to you and some may not.  Either way, let this be a check list for you.


  • Blue Tooth Speaker: For Coaches.  Kids love to listen to music while they play. Most of my campers/students are trained to start and stop to music instead of a whistle.


  • Sun block:  For Kids & Coaches- Even if you put Sun block on before camp, you never know if your going to sweat some of it off, go in a Hose,sprinkler, pool etc…


  • Extra sneakers & Socks: For Kids & Coaches-If it rained the night before or the morning dew is strong, you don’t want to walk around in wet sneakers/socks all day.  I’ve done it after setting up in the morning and it’s not fun.


  • Snacks: For kids: Even if your child brought lunch or is going to purchase lunch, it can’t hurt to have a snack with them.  Since my campers take water breaks after every game, they will have plenty of opportunity.


  • Drawstring Bag: For kids: Plenty of over the shoulder bags available for kids.  Good for their lunch, extra sneaker & socks.  They may win a prize during the day and need a place to store the reward.  If they receive paper work like the tip sheets that I give, it will make it home instead of the lunch or gym floor.


  • Extra Outfit: For kids- Can’t hurt to have an extra outfit/underwear.  Depending on the age of the child, you never know if they may have an accident or simply need dry clothes.


  • Cleats: For kids-If the camp has soccer,football, lacrosse etc… It can’t hurt to have cleats with your child for out door activities and sneakers for indoor.


  • Phone/Phone charger: For kids & coaches-Depending on the age of the kid and as a coach you would not want to be without a phone, if you need to contact a parent.  I have an office phone, but all the parents of my campers have my cell phone if they need to contact me. Tip: There’s nothing wrong with putting your cell phone # on your registration form.  I make it clear to the parents that they can call, text and email anytime.


  • Hat & Sunglasses:Coaches only- Yes kids could bring these items, but it’s just one more thing to lose or fall during an activity.  Also, I wouldn’t allow sunglasses during a game, unless their sports goggles.


  • Clip board: For Coaches.



  • Whistle: For Coaches-Without a whistle, control of the campers just got a little more difficult.  You don’t want to be obnoxious with it, but use when needed.

  • Rolling Back pack with Cooler: If you want to go a little more extreme and make sure your child is overly prepared and easy transportation, the rolling back pack is the way to go.   Plenty of compartments and a cooler inside.

  • Walkie-Talkie: For Coaches: You’re going to want to have a rechargeable walkie talkie with you at all times.  It helps to make the camp more efficient.





I hope you found this check list helpful.  I didn’t want to make it too long.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.

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