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Ultimate Frisbee


Awesome Ultimate Frisbee Game’s For Kids and more….




Ultimate Frisbee


GRADES:  3rd-12th


EQUIPMENT: 1 Frisbee, Pinnies or Wrist bands and 8 Cones.


  • 3 steps or less when you’re in possession of the frisbee and 10 seconds or less.


  • Defenders are’t allowed to make contact with the arm of  a player throwing the frisbee or strip the frisbee from the offense.


  • Loss of possession occurs when the frisbee is thrown and hits the ground or blocked by a defender.


  • If a player takes more than 3 steps or handles the frisbee for more than 10 seconds, this would also be a loss of possession. 


  • 3RD GRADE VARIATION: Allow team in possession to keep the frisbee even when dropped.  This rule is not allowed for dropped passes in the end zone.


  • 4TH & 5TH GRADE VARIATION: Allow 2 or 3 dropped passes until possession is lost.


  • 1 point for a frisbee caught in the end zone.


  • Once a 1 point is scored, the scoring team will throw the frisbee to the other team as in a kick off in football.


Ring Of Fire





EQUIPMENT: 1 Frisbee, 8 Cones (Use floor lines instead of cones when possible), Pinnies or Wrist Bands.


  • Two Teams.


  • Set up a 5′ radius circle in the center of gym and another circle 20′ radius. 


  • Adjust size court size based on your gym and class size.


  • 5 passes must be completed without a drop before a point can be scored.


  • Team in possession must start on the outside of the larger circle.


  • When possession is lost the team with the other team must make their first pass outside of the large circle.


  • Only 1 player from each team can enter the small circle at a time.  OPTION: Allow 1 or more defenders in the small circle prior to the pass.


  • A defender is not allowed to enter small circle unless the frisbee is being passed to it.


  • If attacking team scores a point.  Their next pass must be to the outside of the large circle and another 5 passes must occur before scoring again.


  • OPTION: Use a foam ball for younger students to increase success.


  • VARIATION: Play with 3 teams at the same time.  All rules are the same except one.  If a frisbee is dropped, the team able to pick it up first will gain possession.









  • 4 Teams. 2 Separate games to be played at the same time.  Each game can be played on half of a basketball court, but this game can most certainly be played outside.


  • Approximately 6-8 players per team.


  • The team in possession of the frisbee must stay on the perimeter of the court. 


  • The defense must stay anywhere inside of the court.


  • 3 eggs (foam balls) will be placed on top of a cone in the center of the court.  Surrounding the 3 eggs will be about circle of 6 cones.  This circle should be 5′ diameter.  No players are allowed inside the circle.


  • Object is to knock off 1 of the eggs for a point.


  • VARIATION:  Allow the team in possession to enter the inside of the perimeter, but not the small circle.


  • VARIATION: 3 complete passes before throwing at one of the eggs.


  • VARIATION: A player may knock off the egg with their hand.  If they’re tagged before knocking off an egg, they become a prisoner.


  • Prisoner’s must sit where they were tagged.  They can be set free if a teammate gives them a high 5 without being tagged.









EQUIPMENT: 9 hula hoops per group, 9 frisbee’s per group and 1 cone per group.


  • 6-8 players per group with 2 team’s.


  • Set up the 9 hula hoops for a tic tac board.


  • Designate a cone from a distance age appropriate for each player to make their throw.


  • Your Student’s will attempt to achieve 3 across before their opponent.


  • OPTION: Turn this into a running race.  Instead of throwing the frisbee or disc, they simply run and place it in the correct hoop. Great for 2nd and 3rd grade.







EQUIPMENT: 20 Bowling pins, 1 Frisbee/disc per student.


  • Two team’s divided by your half court line.


  • Place 10 pins on each side of the gym 10′ from the half court line.


  • Each team is placed on the base line of their basketball course.


  • Object is to knock over all of the pin’s of your team before the other team.


  • Make a small circle in the center of your gym, approximately 2-5′ diameter.  If a player lands their disc inside of the circle, they’re allowed to stand up a pin of the other team.



EQUIPMENT: 40 Bowling Pins ( The more the better), Pinnies or Wrist bands, 2 large garbage pales.


GRADES: 3rd-6th Grade


  • Divide your class into 2 team’s.  


  • Place 20 pins on each sideline.


  • Divide each team with a line down the center of the gym, perpendicular to the half court line.


  • Object of the game is to knock the pins down of the other team.


  • When a pin is knocked down, you’re allowed to cross over to the side of the other team and put the pin (prisoner of war) on your line.


  • Place a large garbage pale or anything available in the center of your line next to your pins.


  • If you throw your disc into the pale, you’re allowed to bring two pins back to your side.


  • Team with the most pins will win the game.  5-10 minute rounds are recommended. 







EQUIPMENT: 4 Mats, 20 Frisbee’s/discs, Pinnies or Wrist bands.


  • Object of the game is to catch a frisbee on the mat of another team.


  • 4 team’s are used in this game.  Each team has a mat in their corner or section of the gym.


  • Players may move anywhere in the gym, but only 3 steps when holding a frisbee.


  • No players are allowed on a mat until a throw is made.  Doesn’t matter if you’re offense or defense.


  • 1 point is scored for a frisbee caught on the mat of another team.


  • If a player drops a frisbee at anytime, they must perform 10 jumping jacks and aren’t allowed to use the dropped frisbee.


  • OPTION: If a teammate tips the pass and another teammate catches the frisbee on the mat it’s worth 3 points.


  • OPTION: If a player drops 3 passes, you’re out of the game for a 2 minute penalty.  The out player must jump rope for 2 minutes.


  • TIP: If a team is dominating the game, I recommend starting a new game and/or adjusting your team’s.


  • 10 Minute rounds.









  • Simple game that you can play 1 v 1 or 2 v 2.


  • If you play 1 v 1, you simply need to tip the frisbee in the air before you catch it for 1 point.


  • 2 v 2 you must tip it to your partner when it’s thrown to you from the other team.


  • OPTION: You can give extra points if a player tips with their foot, head, hip, etc…










  • Normal baseball rules with few exceptions.


  • When at bat, you must throw the frisbee at least past first base.


  • OPTION:  You can use a tug of war rope to run in front of first base, stretching to first and third.  The frisbee must be thrown past the rope.


  • You can play 3 outs, 6 outs, every one gets up and throw home on last batter to end the inning.  Many options.









  • You can form a few lines for your class.


  • When a player is at the front of their line, they will attempt to throw the frisbee into a hula hoop or bucket.


  • Your Student’s can give themselves a point every time they make it in the target.


  • Another variation would be to knock over mini bowling pin or cone for a point.


  • Set distance age appropriate.


  • These drills are great even for older Students as a warm-up or first drill.






EQUIPMENT: 10 Cones and 5 Frisbee’s.


  • 5 team’s each standing behind a cone to start the race.


  • First player in line must throw their frisbee as far as they can. 


  • Once the frisbee is thrown, the thrower will run to it and throw it again until it hit’s the back or of the gym or designated line outside.


  • OPTION: You have two choices.  The throwers can throw to one end of the gym/field and run back with the frisbee or throw in both directions.


  • TIP: Once each team is complete, I advise you have them sit.  It’s easier to see when they complete the race.


  • VARIATION: Same idea, but the frisbee must land inside of target at the far end of the gym/field before you return the frisbee to the next person in line.


  • VARIATION 2: No team’s.  Each player will have their own frisbee and everyone will start on the same designated line.


  • Player’s will throw until the frisbee hit’s the back wall/designated line outside and run back to the front wall.


  • First player that returns to the front wall will win the game.


I hope you enjoyed these games.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.

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