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Throwing Catching Lesson Plans


The key to a successful throwing & catching lesson plan is to create achievable skills.  If you have a young student in Kindergarten, the last you want to do is make the skill difficult.  The level of difficulty can always be increased as the lesson progresses or even wait until the next lesson.


Yarn Throw


Equipment: Yarn balls & hula hoops.


Grades: K & 1st

  • Students will toss up in the air to themselves.  Encourage them to increase the height after each successful catch.


  • UNDERHAND THROW: Stand on a poly spot, placed 5 feet from a hula hoop.  Attempt to toss the yarn ball into the hoop.


  • Have the tosser move the hoop a few feet further after every successful toss.


  • OVERHAND THROW: Switch to an overhand throw.  Start 5 feet away.  The thrower can back up a few feet after each throw.  The goal is simply to hit the wall each time.


  • FOOT THROW: Start 5 feet apart with under hand tossing.  The goal is to start my attempting to throw the yarn ball on your partners feet.  The partner should keep their feet together.


  • BASKET THROW: One partner will make a hoop with their arms, while the other attempts to make a basket.  Once again, begin from 5 feet away.


  • X MARKS THE SPOT: I have X’s painted all over my gym floor, but you can use hoops or anything you have such as poly spots.  In this game half of the students will have a yarn ball.  The object is to throw the ball as close as you can to another players feet which is standing on the X.


  • VARIATION: Have students perform underhand tosses from their X to another player standing on an X.  You can switch to overhand throws if you think they’re ready.


  • OPTION: If a yarn ball is dropped, the student will need to perform an exercise such as push-ups, jumping jacks etc… before they throw.


  • THROWING & CATCHING: Underhand tossing with a partner, beginning at a 5 feet distance.


  • TARGET PRACTICE: One partner will attempt an overhand throw.  Their partner will hold both hand out in front with palms up.  The thrower must hit the palms. 


  • The thrower will pick up the yarn ball off the ground.  NO CATCHING.


  • OVERHAND THROWING: This time partner will attempt to catch. 


Go Fish



Equipment: Beam bags, hula hoops and cones.


Grades: K-5th/ Version 2 & 3 (2nd-5th)


  • All teams are standing behind a designated cone.  Hula hoops are spread out throughout the gym.


  • Each team starts with an even amount of bean bags.  Feel free to use other objects such as deck ring, yarn balls, dodge ball, etc…


  • The first person in each line will attempt to throw a bean bag into one of the hoops.


  • The team that get’s all of their bean bags in a hoop first, will win the game.


  • If a player misses the hoop on their toss, they must retrieve the bean bag for their team and go to the end of line.


  • VERSION 2: This is the matching version.  It’s a memory game.  If a player lands their behind bag in a hoop and the card is number 3, they must look for another hoop that has the number 3 in it.


  • NOTE:  All cards will be placed upside down.


  • The team with the most pairs will win the game.


  • Teammates may help each other remember the numbers when a player is looking for a match.


  • VERSION 3: In this version you will place 1 playing card in each hoop.


  • The first team to retrieve 4 numbers in sequential order win the game such as, 1,2,3,4 or 9,10,jack, queen, or 6,7,8,9.


  • NOTE: If a team receives a card that is not near the pattern their attempting, they must return it to the same hoop.  Another words each team can never have more than 4 cards at a time.


Collect The Gold



Equipment: Cones, bean bags and hula hoops.


Grades K-3rd


  • Approximately 5 teams of 5.


  • Each team starts in a straight line behind the designated cone.


  • All teams start with 5 bean bags (Gold). 


  • In front of each team, is a hula hoop 5 feet away, 10 feet, 15 feet, 20 feet and 25 feet.  You can adjust the distances depending on the success of the class.


  • The first player in line stands behind the first hula hoop.  The second player in line tosses to them.  If they catch it, they’ll place it in the hoop.  If they drop it, they must bring it back to the 2nd person line.  The first person, will now go behind the hoop and wait for the toss.


  • After the first hoop, has 5 bean bags in it, the team will collect them and start over with the 10 foot hoop.


  • You can set a certain amount of time before you end the game and/or until one team completes the last hoop.


End Zone Rescue


Equipment: object of choice such as bean bags, foam balls, footballs, etc.. and pinnies or wrist bands.


Grades: 2nd-6th


  • Object of the game is to rescue all of your teammates in the end zone first.


  • End zone players are rescued by either catching the designated object from their teammate on the court or their teammate catches a pass from an end zone player.


  • In this game half of each team will start on one side of the basketball court divided by the half court line.


  • The other half of each team will be off the basketball court behind the opposing team.


  • Spread out either bean bags, deck rings, foam footballs, throughout the gym.


  • On your signal, players will start throwing to their end zone players  and/or end zone players will throw to their teammates on the court.


  • OPTION: If the designated object is intercepted, the thrower must go into the end zone.


  • OPTION: End zone players may only be rescued if they catch a pass from a teammate on the court.


  • VARIATION: Start with one player from each team on opposite sides of the half court line.  The remaining players will wait in the end zone to retrieve a pass.


Fill em’ up


Equipment: Hula hoops and bean bags.


Grades: K-5th 


  • Divide each team with the half court line.


  • Spread out as many  hula hoops as you can find all over your gym. 


  • Make sure you place the same amount of hoops on each side of the gym.


  • Note: It doesn’t just have to be hoops.  Any container will work.


  • Each team starts with half of all the bean bags you have.


  • The object is to throw bean bags into the hoops of the other team.


  • Once a hoop has 3 bean bags, it can no longer have any more.


  • TIP:  Place so many hoops, that it will be impossible to guard all of them. 


  • First team to fill up all of the hoops or more of the hoops first will win the game.  


  • I recommend playing 5 minute rounds.


  • OPTION: You can use crates, pails, cans, etc… Harder targets can be worth more points.


  • OPTION: You can use deck rings, foam balls, footballs, etc…  Bean bags are worth 1 points, deck rings 2 points, foam ball 3 points and footballs 4 points.


Cops & Robbers

Equipment: Bean bags or another object of choice such as yarn balls, foam balls, deck rings or footballs.


Grades: 3rd-6th


CLICK HERE to check out a video of this game.


  • Place cops inside of a designated area covering the majority of your gym such as the basketball court.  This can be altered to your preference. 


  • The robbers will start on one end of the court, but they must be off the court.


  • Spread out a bunch of foam balls on the opposite end of the gym in police headquarters.


  • On your signal the robbers will attempt to steal as many pieces of gold as possible (foam balls). 


  • If a player is tagged by a robber, they must go back to jail (the side of the gym they were just on).


  • If a robber makes it all the way across to the other side without being tagged, they may take a piece of gold and throw it to a teammate in jail.


  • If it’s caught by a robber, they may place it in their treasure chest (crate or basket) in the jail.


  • NOTE: Players that make it to the other side of the gym and capture gold, may come back onto the court to throw to their teammates still in jail.  As long as they aren’t tagged they make get as close as they wish to make their throw.


  • Robbers are not allowed to run into jail with a piece of gold.  It must be thrown.


  • If a throw is dropped or a robber is tagged by a cop while in possession of a piece of gold, they must give it back to the cop who will return it to their headquarters and the robber must go back to jail empty handed.


  • NOTE: When a robber is in headquarters or jail they can NOT be tagged.


  •  You can set a designated time, such as 5 minutes and switch the cops and the robbers.


  • If you want to make it a competition, the team that capture the most gold in 5 minutes will win the game.


I hope you enjoyed these activities!  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.

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  1. Barry Bullard

    My youngest is kindergarten age and this is perfect and looks like a lot of fun.

    The yarn throw looks like a perfect way to make it fun and help him learn this valuable skill.Even though he is a little young i think i will also start playing go fish.   Maybe i’ll just simplify it with face cards only in the deck.Thank you!

    • Mr. L.

      Hi how are you? Yes, my goal was to start out simple and then give options for higher level activities.   I love that your able to use the Go Fish game and make it your own.  Have a great day! 


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