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Summer Camp Supply List

When you’ve taught and coached for as long as I have you learn what to buy and what to avoid.  Unfortunately for me I had to make a lot of mistakes with my purchases in my early years, but little by little you learn what works the best and what lasts the longest.  I want to get the most for my money.  Of course even now I’ll try something that looked great online, but when it arrives it’s not exactly what I expected.


I’d like to show you a list of my favorite pieces of equipment and why.


TIP: If you’re unsure about a new product that you want for your camp or class, I suggest to buy 1 instead of a large quantity.


Equipment Favorites

Pop Up Goal“>

Price: $24.89

Best Deal: Ebay





  • Great price with a choice of different sizes.  I prefer 4′, but it may be different for you.  Very little success with 2.5′, but if you’re dealing with highly skilled athletes 14+ in age it may be the way to go.  I don’t like the 6′ size because kids usually want to have a goal keeper and I don’t recommend using a goal keeper with pop up goals.  Although if your campers/students are 7 yrs or below it could be an option for you.


  • Fold up goals are awesome and easy to carry.  You simply fold them in half and the flatten out.  It may take a couple of tries, but you’ll get the hang of it.


  • Spikes- Each goal comes with 3 spikes to keep it in the ground when a goal is scored.


  • Carry Bag-The fact that I don’t have to buy a separate carry bag, is always a plus.


  • Coaching purpose- Whether I’m having try outs with my team or need to separate groups at camp, the Pop Up Goal“> are the way to go.  For example: If you only have use of half the soccer field and you have 20 kids in your group, you can’t play 10 v 10.  You can make two 5 v 5 games with the small goals.




Wrist Bands“>

Price:  $8.99          

Best Deal: Ebay


  • Easy to use for younger campers/students.  The last thing you want to do is waist time helping 20+ 6 year old children how to put on on pinnies/vests.  Wrist bands are quick and easy.


  • Lice can pop up in camp or Phys. Ed. class and you don’t want camper after camper putting the same pinnies over their head.  It’s not good for business and no parent wants to deal with getting rid of lice in the house.  Yes I use pinnies, but once I hear from the nurse or a parent that someone has lice, we go right to the wrist bands.


  • Cooler than wearing a hot pinnie on a Summer day. Although the kids will complain about the wrist bands making their wrist sweaty lol, but that’s what kids do.


Tip: Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on a decent wrist band.  In the past I would buy them from party city cheap, but they didn’t last long and in the end I spent more money buying them too often. Under Armour might not be what your looking for, but I don’t recommend a $1.50  party city wrist band.


Tip: Make a rule with your campers/students that wrist bands must stay on the wrist.  When they start to slide them up to the forearms and bicep they will get stretched out faster.  At the same time, I left my campers take them off when I’m talking or they’re on a water break.


Franklin Sport Super Skin Dodge Ball“>

Price: $44.99

Deal: Ebay

Durable: This ball is just more durable than most that I’ve come across.

Price: Can’t beat the cost for a set of 6.


Shape: Doesn’t easily lose shape.


Click here for more info.


Adjustable Badminton Net“>

Price: $31.99

Deal:  Ebay






Variety: I love the fact that I can purchase different widths.  If you have a small gym, you have the option of 10′ X 5′ and you’ll be able to set up more games.


Adjustable: You can lower the height to make it an easier success rate for younger campers/students.  It also allows you to use the nets for other games such as paddle/pickle ball.  You can even use this net for volleyball with younger kids.


Portable Carry bag: This always makes life easier when carrying equipment, Especially if you run birthday parties on top of your camp.


  • 【Durable net】The net made of high tenacity polyester sewing thread with 600D oxford fabric, textile with double seams for more stability.
  • 【Freestanding Net】This freestanding net has no fixing in the ground necessary,therefore it is not only perfect for outdoor, but also ideal for indoor use.
  • 【Height adjustable】 Adjustable height(2.5″-5″) for Badminton,Tennis,Pickleball,or Soccer / Football Tennis.
  • 【Carry Bag Include】Come with a durable carry bag,convenient for storage and transport.
  • 【Quick Assemble】Easily tiedon for simple installation badminton accessory simple and super fast assembly without tools.


Price: $7.20
Deal: Ebay
Size: Love the fact the handles are short.  I highly advise to go this route when playing with children 12 yrs and under.
Yuki-Ball Barrier
I Love using these at my camp and Phys. Ed. classes when playing Dodge Ball, but I’m currently having trouble finding a good deal.  When I play attack the fort or American Gladiator (Fortnite) with my campers/students these come in handy.
Tip: If you can find a good deal on these, I advise to buy some pvc glue to keep the barriers together.  My only complaint is that they come apart at the bases very easily, but PVC GLUE”  is cheap and an easy fix.  I’ve used it before on some light weight indoor pvc goals that I have.
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