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Summer Camp Ideas


Summer Camp Ideas to keep your campers entertained.  Small group and large group games.




Aerobic Soccer Bowling


Equipment: 1 cone, 1 bowling pin and 1 soccer ball per group.


Grades: 2nd-6th


  • 4-6 players per team.


  • Place each team behind a designated cone and 1 player behind the bowling pin.


  • The bowling pin can be set 15-30 feet away from each team depending on the age.

  • The job of the player behind the bowling pin, is to get the ball and run it back to the next person in line.  Next they’ll go to the end of the line.


  • The job of the player that kicks the ball, is to take the place of the player that was behind the pin and to stand the pin up if they knocked it down.


  • If you wish to make this into a challenge you can have each team keep track of their hits.


  • This game is good for a few 3-5 minute rounds while listening to music.


Soccer Volleyball


Equipment: Nets and soccer or kick ball.


Grades: 4th-12th




  • Use low nets for this game.  You can raise them with chairs if your net’s aren’t adjustable.


  • This game can be played on a small court 2 v 2 or a large game 10 v 10 with rows as in a volleyball game.


  • Allow multiple passes and bounces when playing this game.


  • As your students increase in age, you can make the rules more difficult.


  • A team will lose the volley if they hit it into the net, the ball loses it’s bounce and if it is hit out of bounds.


Soccer Billiards



Equipment: 12 Cones and 9 Soccer balls.


Grades: 3rd-8th


  • Set up the field with 12 cones. 2 cones for each pocket in the corners and the sides.  The size of field can vary depending on age, but 15 X 30 is a good size.


  • This game can be played 1 v 1 or 2 v 2 by using one ball as the cue to hit other balls into the 6 pockets as you would in a real game of billiards.


  • I recommend playing with 10 soccer balls. 1 cue ball, 1 black 8 ball, 4 solids and 4 stripes.  You can also play 9 ball with the cue ball.


  • VARIATION: If you want to make the game more competitive you can take away the white cue ball.


  • In this version players can play defense.  Once players shoot their 4 balls in, they now have to go for the black 8 ball.  They’re allowed to stop each other.


  • This style get’s interesting when the only ball left is the 8 ball.


CLICK HERE to see more soccer games.


Grocery List



Equipment: Food cards or beans with food printed on them and hula hoops.


Grades: 2nd-8th


  • Place the food cards/bean bags in the center of the gym.


  • 4 teams, 1 team in each corner of the gym with their hula hoop placed on the floor.


  • Each team will be given an index card with a grocery list that you give them.


  • Make sure each team has the same amount of items to find.


  • On your signal, the first person in line will run to the center to find an item on their list.


  • OPTION: Give team’s a few of the same items.  They’re allowed to steal from each other or take from the center.


  • VARIATION: Allow all players to go at the same time after each player has gone once.


Meal Plan


  • Same as the grocery list game, but now teams must form a healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner before their opponents.  Dinner must have all of the food groups.


Food On The Mountain




Equipment: Rock Wall, bean bags or food cards and pinnies.


Grades: 3rd-8th


  • Same game as Grocery List and Mean Plan, except the food cards/bean bags are placed on the top of your rock wall.


  • One at a time, the first player in line on each team, must climb to the top to find a food card.


  • If they don’t need the food they found, they must leave it and climb back down.


Junk Food



Equipment: Pinnies, food cards or bean bags and a tarp.


Grades: 2nd-6th


  • Players that are the taggers will where a pinnie and be known as the junk food.


  • Place a tarp in the center of you gym and label it with different foods, such as fruits, grains, proteins, etc….


  • Spread out food cards all over the gym.  The non-taggers will attempt to find food cards and place them on the correct location on your tarp.


  • If a player is tagged by a junk food tagger, they will be out of the game or must perform an exercise before they can re-enter the game.


  • Guarding the tarp is not allowed.  A junk food tagger accused of guarding by you, must freeze for 10 seconds.


  • OPTION: This game can be made into a competition.  The teams can be timed on how quickly they complete their task of filling up the tarp.


CLICK HERE to check more nutritional games.


Bounce Volleyball



Equipment: Paddle ball or low volleyball net and a kick ball or ball with bounce.


Grades: 3rd-8th 


  • Set up each team just like a volleyball game.


  • The ball must bounce before a player hits it.  


  • The ball may bounce once before another teammate strikes the ball. 


  • The allowed bounces for a team before the ball goes over the net can vary depending on the age.


  • I recommend having the front row serve instead of the back row due to the weight of the ball.


  • Games to 10 points.  Must win by 2 points. 5-0 is a shut-out.


  • Line is in.


Hockey Activities



Equipment: Eye guards, sticks, softball size foam ball, puck or ball of choice cones pinnie or WRIST BANDS and goals.


Grades: 2nd-6th



  • Move the ball side to side in a stationary position. 


  • Move the ball side to side and push the ball in any direction around the gym.


  • LAND MINE: Place cones and/or poly spots all over the gym and players must move their ball anywhere in the gym without hitting a cone or poly spot.  If a cone or poly spot is hit, they player must perform an exercise such as 10 jumping jacks.

  • Forehand, backhand, slap shot and flip pass up against a wall.


  • Passing with a partner. Pass with a partner off the wall.


  • TIP: Train students to avoid raising the head of the stick above shoulder level on front and back swing.


  • Set up groups of 5-10 and have them move the ball in and out of cones with a goal to shoot at on the far end of the gym.


  • TARGET PRACTICE: Place a bucket on it’s side and players will attempt to shoot/pass ball into the bucket or a target on the wall.  It could simply be a poster on the wall or you could make a target with tape.


  • MONKEY IN THE MIDDLE: Groups of 3, with one partner in the middle attempting to intercept passes.


  • DRIBBLE & DROP OFF: One partner moves around the gym with the other partner following.  When the leader drops off the ball, the trailer shoots the ball up against the nearest wall and becomes the leader.


  • FACE OFF: Groups of 3 with 1 player drops the puck and the other 2 attempt to win the face off.  Keep rotating players.


  • FOLLOW THE LEADER: Go where partner goes, do what they do, then switch the leader.


  • RELAY RACES from one end of the gym to the other or around the basketball court. Variation: In and out of cone relay.



  • COPS AND ROBBERS: Select 5 players to steal a ball from another player.  If your ball is stolen, now you look for someone to steal from.  Players that don’t have a ball when the game stops on your whistle or music must perform an exercise such as 10 push-ups.


  • 3 TEAM KEEP AWAY: Divide the class into 3 teams with pinnies or WRIST BANDS.  Spread about 15 balls throughout the gym.  Whichever team has the most balls when you stop the music or blow the whistle will win the game.


  • KING OF THE COURT: Object of the game is to hit everyone’s ball off the court and keep your ball on.  You’re out of the game if you high stick or you ball is hit off the court.


  • CLEAN YOUR OWN BACKYARD: Place half the group on each side of the court.  Object of the game is to have less balls on your side. 


  • SIDELINE FACE OFF: Divide the class into 2 groups. Each group on opposite sidelines. Number the players.  One at a time call a number and the players will attempt to win the ball/puck in the center and dribble to a designated cone for 1 point.


  • STEAL THE BACON: Place 2 balls/pucks in the center of the gym. Give each player a number and divide the teams just as in the game above.  Object is to dribble your ball/puck around a designated cone and back to the center before your opponent. 


CLICK HERE to learn modified hockey with an offense and defense.

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