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Summer Camp Counselor Jobs


If you’re interested in getting hired for a summer camp counselor job, you may be asked to teach a group or class for your interview.  I’m going to prepare you, so you’re able to give this best performance possible.  That’s right I said performance.  When at teacher, coach, counselor is instructing a class, they’re almost like a performer on stage who wants to keep the attention of the audience while entertaining.


What To Do While Being Observed


  • Make sure you have a whistle.


  • Have your group of campers sit while you are talking to them.  It seems silly, but trust me when I tell you  a quick whistle and have a seat will capture their attention.  Letting campers/students stand up while you talk is a greater distraction.


  • You must have control first and be stern to get the kids in order, but there must be pleasure in what you’re doing.  Don’t be afraid to laugh and joke with the kids as long as they’re behaving appropriately.


  • Once you’ve explained the activity.  Ask them if they have any questions with a hand raise.


  • Always good to take a few kids and have a small demonstration of the activity before starting the game.


  • When the game has begun do your best NOT to turn your back to any of the students.  It’s not always possible, but make the attempt.


  • Rotate around the room, don’t stay in one area.


  • Don’t focus on a few kids.  Give attention to all of them.


  • Give compliments as often as you can to the class and individually.


  • It’s okay to discipline campers/students during your observation.  I’m sure the person interviewing you, knows that disciplining is a part of the job.


  • Know your stuff.  In other words, teach something that you’re familiar with and have a lot of confidence teaching.


  • Make sure you have cues for the kids. For Example: When I say “Go” the game will begin.  On my “whistle” the game stops.


  • Promote good sportsmanship before the game starts, while they’re playing and at the end of the activity.  Examples: Good shot, nice save, good try, good game etc… When they hear it from you over and over it will become contagious.  You can request good sportsmanship until they get the hang of it.  For example:  I didn’t hear anyone say “good try” to Johnny.



  • At the end of the game, bring the kids in real close and have them take a seat.  Ask them questions about the game.  What went good or bad?  How can we improve next time?  Can you give me an example of something you liked about the game? Were you confused about some of the rules? Any final questions?


How Do I Discipline


Discipline may be required while being observed for a job.  Don’t be afraid to take action.  It will show your future boss you have control.


  • If it’s a first offense or something minor, it could be a quick verbal warning and than continue with your lesson without missing a beat. For example:  Sophia when I’m talking eyes on me and mouth closed.


  • A second warning or a more serious offense may require stronger words such as “next time you will sit out while others play.  I always try to avoid this, especially at camp, but there’s nothing wrong with a 2,3 or even 5 minute time out.


  • A more serious offense may require you to raise your voice, threaten to call home or a reminder that they can be sent home from camp.  Hopefully during an interview observation it doesn’t come to this.


  • On a more relaxed method you could use my moan and groan zone technique for kids that like to complain.  I send the complaining child to the designated moan an groan zone and let them know when they decide to stop complaining they may rejoin the game.  It usually doesn’t take long for them to stop.  ” Are you still moaning and groaning or would you like to go back into the game?”


CLICK HERE to get prepared for interview questions.


Hope you found this information useful.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.

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