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Summer Camp Counselor Interview Questions


As a camp owner/director you’re camp is only as good as your counselors.  If you’re doing a great job with your campers that is to be expected, but what about when you’re not looking?  Did you hire the best person for the job?  If you know the person before you interview them, even better.  I usually know my counselors before I interview them, but I interview everyone anyway. This way they know that I take this very serious.   I was short handed one week and I made the mistake of hiring a counselor that I didn’t know with a quick interview.  It was the first and last time I’ll ever do that again.  He was simply in it for the pay check.  His heart wasn’t in the job and the campers didn’t take a liking to him.  I couldn’t prove it, but I believe he stole money from one of my counselors.   I let him go a few days later.  ALWAYS INTERVIEW AND KNOW YOUR EMPLOYEES!




Get your clip board ready and fire away with some questions


  • What is it about working with kids that you enjoy?


  • Give me an example of when  a child needs a small amount of discipline and something more serious?


  • Are there moments when you should raise your voice and can you give me an example?


  • What are your interests and talents?


  • Why did you decide on this type of work?


  • What type of class management skills do you use?


  • What would you do if you had a child with a cut knee, another child arguing with someone else about the game and a parent coming early to pick their child up?


  • Why would kids look up to you?


  • Can you give me a list of what you think your job will entail?


  • Give me a 10 minute ice breaker game?


  • If I asked  previous employer about your strengths, what would they say?


  • What quality can bring to this camp that would make campers want to come back?


  • Do you have an interest in a future career dealing with children?


  • What age groups have you worked with in the past?


  • What do you like about working with kids?


  • How do you handle an angry parent that didn’t like how you disciplined their child?


  • Did you attend a camp when you were younger?  Tell me something you liked and disliked?


  • What’s your biggest weakness?


  • Why did you decide to interview for this camp?


  • How do you handle a question in which you don’t know the answer?


  • What experience do you have working with children?


  • Summer is a fun time of year for everyone.  What type of commitment will you have to our camp?


TIP: I’m lucky in the fact that all of my counselors now in High School and College we’re my former students. Play it safe and do a background check.  Someone you coached in 7th grade can be a completely different person in their 20’s.


TIP: It’s not necessary to ask all of the questions.  I think 5-7 questions is sufficient.  I wanted to give a variety of questions to choose.




I hope you found this helpful.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.


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