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Soccer Cleats Kids




Littleplum Soccer Cleats 


PRICE: $23.99-$42.99






  • Decent shoe for wet conditions.


  • Rubber Cleats.


  • Keeps out water.


  • Antibacterial lining.


  • No heel padding.


  • Tend to run a little big.


  • One of the cheaper high top cleats on the market.  Not the greatest quality.


Adidas Kids Goletto VI Soccer Cleats


PRICE: $69.95





  • Light Weight


  • Soft Feel inside.


  • Tends to be narrow, so if your child has a wider foot I wouldn’t go with these.


  • They tend to run small.  You may need to go a half or full size higher.


  • Holds up in bad weather.  Blocks out water decently.


  • Good for artificial turf.


  • Removable insole.


Throw-In Drill


  • Place one player in the center of a 10yd radius circle with 5 soccer balls.


  • 5 other players will be wait on the outside of the circle.


  • The player in the circle perform legal throw-ins outside of the circle until all of their balls are out.


  • The players on the inside of the circle will dribble them back into the circle. 


  • Object is to legally throw out all of the balls before an outside player dribbles a ball back in the circle.


  • If a player dribbles a ball back into the circle before all of the balls are out, the thrower, must continue until they’re all out.


  • Once all of the balls are out, another player will become the thrower.


  • OPTION:  If a coach sees an illegal throw, the thrower will be penalized 10 5-10 seconds with no throws.


Nike Kids Jr Bravata II Soccer Cleat



PRICE: $20-$80 (Wide range in price depending on size and color). The Black and yellow are around $37.




  • Decent shoe for the price.


  • Nothing Spectacular about this shoe.


  • Tend to run a little small.


  • Nike is not usually a cleat I favor except for many of the Mercurials 


Nike Junior Neymar Mercurial Victory VI Cleats


NICKY SEYDA, Captain of my Soccer team and YOUNGEST FREESTYLER FOR THE NEW YORK REDBULLS prefers the Mercurial style.  He likes the snug fit and the supportive feel they provide when he plays.


Nicky Seyda getting it done!


CLICK HERE to check out a video of Nicky performing some of his famous freestyle moves.


If you’re looking for a good freestyle shoe, Nicky recommends 4FREESTYLE.


PRICE: $46-$126




Nike Junior Neymar Mercurial Victory VI Cleats

  • Love these!


  • Comfortable for those that prefer a thin feel.


  • If you need a wider shoe, this is not the way to go.


  • Great fit.  Very snug.


  • If you child is under 9 years of age, you might plan on helping them put on the cleat.  It’s not easy to get on.


Dribbling Drill


  • Great drill to teach players to pass a ball around a defender and retrieve it again.


  • Approximately 5 players per line.


  • One at a time each player will dribble toward a soccer flag, cut left or right.


  • 5 yards behind the flag, will be two cones 1 yard apart.  The player must pass the ball thru the 2 cones and retrieve it again, before they reach the next soccer flag 5 yards in front of the 2 cones.


  • This should be set up with 3 soccer flags and 3 sets of two cones.  All cones and flags will be separated by 5 yards to give the player just enough time to recover.


  • Starting cone===> 5yds Corner flag===> 5yds 2 cones===> 5 yds corner flag===> 5yds 2 cones===> 5 yds corner flag===> 2 cones.


  • TIP: Always teach your players to cut off their opponent after they pass them.  This will force defender to take more time to catch up and/or steal the ball.


Addias Kids Nemeziz 17.4 fxg


PRICE: Under $50 for kid sizes





  • Narrow fit.


  • I’ve heard complaints about the tongue slipping out to the side.


  • Rubber sole.


  • Versatile for all soccer surfaces.

Adidas Kids Nemeziz Messi 17.3 cleat


PRICE: $34-$89





  • Imported


  • Synthetic


  • Ankle Stability


  • No tongue


  • Sizes given are accurate.


Passing Drill


CLICK HERE to see a video of this drill.


  • I call these Diamonds, because of the formation.


  • For this drill you need groups of 3.


  • One player stands in the center of two other players.


  • All 3 players are approximately 5 yards away from each other.


  • One player on the ends will pass a short 5 yard lead pass to the player in the center.


  • The Player in the center will, run to the lead pass, open hips, retrieve the ball, turn and once touch to the player on the other end.  


  • The player that just received the ball, will give another lead pass, to the player in the center and the process will continue.


  • NOTE: The player in the center is the only player moving back and forth.  The player on the ends are stationary.


Adidas Kids’ Nemeziz Messi 18.3 fg Soccer Shoe


PRICE: $43-$77






  • My Son and teammate of Freestyler Nicky Seyda is wearing these shoes for this fall season 2018 with both of his teams and loves them.


  • Stevie J Making a move!


  • He has soccer 5-6 days a week with both of his teams, so I would say they’re very durable.


  • Collar and no tongue.


  • Rubber sole.


  • Snug fit.


Shielding Game


  • For this game you’ll need 1 large goal with a keeper.


  • Set up your group with 3 lines.


  • One line behind the goal line at each post of the goal.


  • The third line will start at the mid line.


  • The drill will start with the coach or another player passing the ball from mid-field to about 10 yards from the mid-line.


  • The first player in each line at the posts will attempt to win the ball.


  • The winner must shield the ball for 3-5 seconds on the coaches call.  The losing player becomes the defender.


  • After the winner shields for 3-5 seconds a player from the mid-field line will join them in a 2 v 1 and attempt to score on the keeper.


Under Armour Desafio 395 Soccer Ball (Good practice ball)


Nike Phantom Vision Academy



  • Don’t really know much about these, but they look awesome!  Would love to hear from anyone that has information on these.


Settling Drill ( 3 v 2 ) with Keeper


  • You’ll need 1 large goal with a keeper.


  • 3 lines of attackers starting at mid field.  


  • 2 defenders starting on the 18 yard line.


  • The coach or another player will punt the ball to the defenders.


  • As soon as the ball is punted, the attackers will run down and attempt to steal the ball before the defense clears the ball.


  • The defense must show control and clear the ball.


  • The offense must attempt to steal and shoot on the keeper.


Vizari Vigo FG Soccer Shoe (Toddler and kids)


PRICE: $10-$28






  • Run small.


  • Flexible, which I think would be good for comfort in a toddler.


  • If your child needs a snug shoe, than this is not the shoe for them.


  • Rubber Sole.


  • Synthetic.


World Cup (Fun Shooting Game) Absolutely one of the favorite game of my Campers and U15 Players.



  • You need one large standard goal and a keeper.


  • All players must pair up with a partner.


  • Let’s say you start the game with 10 pairs of 2.


  • The coach and goalie will start by throwing 4 balls into the field of play.


  • The game is played by rounds.  Each pair must score a goal before the round is over.


  • If one partner from a pair scores a goal, that group will advance to the next round.


  • Any team that doesn’t score within the time limit that you set, will be eliminated.


  • You can decide how long we want each round to be, based on how many players are left in the round.


  • As more an more players are eliminated as you go from round to round, you put out less balls in play.


  • Eventually it will come down to two teams with one ball in play.


  • OPTION: When a player shoots, they must say the name of the country they chose to represent.





Synthetic vs Leather




  • Soft


  • Greater Support


  • More protection


  • Comfort: The will conform to your foot.




  • Heavier: Will absorb water, so if your stuck in a rainy game, it will affect the shoe.


  • Absorbent and harder to clean.


  • More expensive.


  • Less selection.




  • Water resistant.


  • More color and design options.


  • Easy to clean.


  • Light weight.


  • Lower pricing.




  • Less feel.


  • Less comfortable.


  • Take more time to conform to your foot and/0r break in.


Mid-Line Steal


CLICK HERE to check out a video of this game.


  • Fun game for your team, that could be turned into a scrimmage.  This game can also be used for your Physical Education class.


  • Place more balls than you have players on your mid-line.


  • Each team line up on opposite goal lines.


  • On the signal to start, each team will run to the mid-line as fast as possible and attempt to dribble all the balls into their own goal.


  • Players are allowed to go on either side of the field and steal from the other team.


  • Whichever team has the most balls in their goal, will win the game.  Once a ball is in a goal, it can NOT be touched.


  • Passing is not allowed, until there are 3 balls or less on the field.


  • Each player may only have 1 ball at a time.


  • As there becomes less and less balls on the field, it slowly turns into a scrimmage.



Final Thought: There’s really no wrong choice, but technology for synthetic shoes has come a long way, it’s almost the norm.  They’re made lighter and thinner to achieve the same or close to feel as a leather shoe.  

The level your child is at in soccer may influence your selection.  The wear and tear of a Club or Academy schedule may require a better shoe, but remember they’re all growing.  New cleats will be required every Fall or Spring.


Best of luck in your Soccer adventures and remember Coaches Coach, players play and parent’s cheer.  Kids want to have fun and feel your support!  There’s plenty of time to get more serious as they get older. Playing one sport is not a recipe for success.


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