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Physical Education

Ring Toss Games-Kids





Individual Ring Toss Activities



Grades: K-2nd



  • Toss up in the air and catch with two hands.


  • Toss up in the air and catch with one hand.


  • Toss up , sit and catch.


  • Toss up, 360 and catch.


  • Toss up in air and catch on your arm.


  • Toss up in the air and catch on your foot.


Partner Ring Toss Activities.



Grades: K-3rd


  • Toss to a partner and catch with two hands.


  • Toss with a partner and catch with one hand.


  • Toss to a partner, sit and catch.


  • 360 before you catch a toss from your partner.


  • Catch on your arm from your partner.


  • Catch on your foot.


  • Pose like a uniform and catch on your hand with it held behind your head.


  • Each partner toss a ring to each other at the same time.


  • Frisbee style throw with a partner.


  • Roll a deck ring and have your partner hook it with their foot.


  • Partner stands with their feet apart and you attempt to roll the deck ring between their feet.


  • Place a Poly Spot on the floor between partners.  Attempt to toss the ring onto the poly spot.   OPTION: keep score.       


  • Same as above, but you attempt to toss onto a cone, hula hoop, bucket


Class & Group Competitions



Grades 2nd-5th


  • All players stand on a designated line and attempt to roll the deck ring to see who can roll it the furthest.


  • ROLLER RACE: Players roll the ring as many times as it takes until it hits the back wall.


  • Once a player hits the back wall, they may run to the front wall.


  • This can be made into a competition.


  • NOTE: If a players first roll only goes 10 feet, they don’t need to start over. They’re allowed to pick up the ring where ever it landed and roll again.


  • TOSS & GO: With a partner, all players start on a designated line. 


  • The player with the deck ring stands still and the other partner goes out for a pass.  If the ring is caught, the other partner will go out for a pass.  Once they reach the designated line on the other side of the gym, they may run back to the front wall.


  • Each team can choose to accomplish this in as many throws as they wish.


  • BOCCE RING TOSS: Played just like bocce ball.  Toss out a red deck ring.  This will be the ring that you attempt toss your other deck rings near.


  • This game can be played 2 v 2.  Each team will receive 1 point for every deck ring closest to the red deck ring.  For example: If two of their rings are the closest, they’ll receive 2 points.


  • RING TOSS VOLLEYBALL: Set up a net on your volleyball court, as if you’re about to play volleyball with one team on each side.


  • Players are allowed to toss the deck ring to the side of the other team.  3rd-5th grade.


  • When the deck ring goes over the net, the receiving team must catch it. If it hits the ground, it’s a point for the other team.


  • DIZZY JUMP: Tie a rubber deck ring to a long jump rope or rope.


  • One player stands in the center of the class or group and spins the deck ring in a counter clockwise pattern below knee level.


  • All players in the circle must jump the rope.  If a player is hit, they’ll be out of the game.  Last player standing wins the game.


  • OPTION: When a player is hit, they perform 10 push-ups, jumping jacks, curl ups, etc… to get back into the game.


  • TEAM RING TOSS RELAY: Let’s say 5 teams of 5 players, set in a straight line, behind a designated line.


  • Each team has poly spots placed on the floor in front of them.  Each spot is 10-20 feet apart.  


  • Each player, one at a time, must toss the ring onto the first poly spot, than the 2nd, 3rd and finally the fourth.


  • NOTE: It may take more than one throw to get the ring to land on the poly spot, but players may throw from where the ring lands, so each throw will get them closer.


  • TIP: Don’t require the ring to be completely on the poly spot.  If any part of it is touching the poly spot, this will be sufficient. 


  • Remember you can use, pails, baskets or hula hoops with this relay.


Sideline Ring It


Equipment: Deck ring, 2 goals, 2 baskets, 2 cones and Wrist Bands or Pinnies.


Grades: 3rd-8th



  • Half of each team is on the court and the other half on the sideline.


  • Use a small goal approximately 4 X 6ft with a basket inside and a cone inside the basket.


  • Object is to toss the ring into the goal for 1 point, in the basket for 2 points and if it lands on the cone, it would be worth 3 points.


  • When a player has the deck ring, they have 5 seconds and 3 steps.


  • Players may block and intercept passes, but no stripping.


  • Set up a small crease for the goalies.


  • Every 3 minutes, rotate court and sideline players. Every 3 rotations, replace goalies.


  • OPTION: Allow sideline players to score. OPTION: Allow goalies to come out of the crease.


Make your own.


Pool Noodle Games






  • Balancing on one hand.


  • Switch hands.


  • Balance on one finger.


  • Switch fingers.


  • Switch hands or fingers in air with small toss.


  • Balance on Nose.


  • Balance on forehead.


  • Balance on one knee.


  • Balance on neck.


  • Volleyball serve.


  • Javelin throw.





  • Javelin throw with a partner.


  • CATCH IT: Each partner balances the noodle in a standing position and they must grab their partner noodle before it falls over.


  • TOSS: Bend noodle and toss and catch a ball with the bent noodle.


  • PITCH: One partner will perform an underhand pitch with a dodge ball and the other partner will hold the noodle in a bent fashion and attempt to strike the ball with a baseball swing.


  • BALL & BALANCE: Both partner hold two noodles with a ball balancing on the pool noodles.  The Object is to roll the ball back and forth on both noodles without dropping the ball.


  • FOOT TAG: Each partner has a noodle and they attempt to tag their partner’s foot.


  • LIMBO: With a partner take turns doing the limbo under the noodle and lower each pass.  This can be performed in small groups instead of with a partner.


  • Again with two noodles, but now each the partners will launch the ball in the air and catch on the noodles.


  • Last option, to launch the ball in the air, let the ball bounce on the ground and catch with the noodles off the bounce.


  • ONE V ONE: Each partner has a noodle and they attempt to hit a tennis ball past the designated line of their partner.  Each time you hit the ball past the line of your opponent, you receive a point.


  • One v one can be set up as a tournament.  Half of the class stays at their location and the other half rotates on your signal.  The ball should go with the rotator and they’ll serve first in each new game.





  • SCRAMBLED EGGS: Place each team in a corner of the gym with a hula hoop. Place a bunch of different types of balls in the center of the gym.


  • On a signal from the teacher, the first person on each team will run to the center and scoop up a ball with two noodles and drop it in their hoop.


  • Once the first ball is dropped in the hoop, now the entire team may take balls from the center or steal from the other team.


  • RULES: Players are not allowed to block and they may only have one ball at a time.


  • On the whistle or stoppage of music, any ball not in a hoop will not count.  Whichever team has the most balls in their hoop, will win that round.


  • TRANSFER RACE: All Players stand on a designated line with a partner.  Each partner is holder onto a two noodles.  They must transfer one object from one end of the gym to the other. Scarf, bean bag, ball etc… NOTE: This can be made into a race.


  • TRANSFER RELAY: Let’s say 5 teams of 5.  One player at a time, holds a scarf, bean bag, ball etc.. with two noodles, while running around a cone a the far end of the gym and back to their team.  First team to finish wins the game.


  • TIP: Always make teams sit, to show they’re finished.  It’s easier to see who wins or what place they came in, if you decide to keep track.


  • JAVELIN THROW RACE: All players start on a designated line and must javelin throw the pool noodle until it hits the back wall of the gym.


  • Every time the pool noodle hits the ground, the thrower will pick it up and throw it again, over and over until it hits the back wall.


  • Once the pool noodle hits the back wall, each player will run to the front wall.


  • OPTION: The javelin throw race can be made into a competition, by placing the kids as they finish.


  • POOL NOODLE DODGE BALL: Players must strike dodge balls with pool noodles, in order to hit the other team.



  • TAG BALANCE: All players, including taggers must balance a pool noodle while making tags.  This game is played as freeze tag.  Players are unfrozen with a high five from players that are not frozen.


  • When playing tag balance you can simply give the taggers wrist bands or pinnies.  OPTION: Choose a different color noodle to be the taggers.  For example:  All players with yellow noodles are it.  This allows you to switch taggers instantly.


  • JUMP RELAY: Let’s say 5 teams of 5. The first player in line holds the noodle on the ground and the 2nd player in line jumps over the noodle.


  • The First player will then go to the end of the line and the 2nd person will move the noodle up & hold the noodle and the 3rd player will jump over the noodle.  This process will continue until each team reaches the far end of the gym.





  • Each team will be placed on the baseline of the basketball court with.  All players will have a pool noodle and hold it in a bent shape.


  • Players will be given a number and a ball will be placed in the center of the gym.


  • Call 3 numbers at a time.  When your number is called, you’ll run to the center of the gym as fast as you can.


  • First player to reach the ball must trap it with their foot before striking, passing or moving the ball with the pool noodle.


  • NOTE: The trap forces players to slow down and this helps to avoid collisions.


  • All players that are not called, will be goalies.


  • OPTION: Allow goalies to use hands.


  • OPTION: Play the same game with a goal, field players and sideline players.  Simply rotate sideline and field players every few minutes.


  • TIP: If you prefer the game to be played with goals, I would wait until 4th grade and set up each team so 1/3 of them are on the sideline, 1/3 on defense and 1/3 on offense.  This prevents bunching.


  • Rotation: Defense==>Offense==>Sideline==>Defense. 


  • NOTE: At the start of each game and rotation, you can have face off.  When you drop the ball, use two players to attempt and win the ball.  As soon as you do this, announce “Offense cross over” meaning the offense must go to the other side of the mid line, to play against the defense of the other team and stay on that side until rotation.


  • CLEAN YOUR OWN BACKYARD: Place each team one half of the gym.  Object is to have less dodge balls on their side of the gym, by striking them with the noodles.





  • A,B,C push-ups: Push noodle back and forth on ground with each hand while staying a push-up position.  OPTION: On knees.


  • CRUNCHES OR CURL-UPS: With noodle over head.


  • SKIIERS: Jump over the noodle with feet together, side to side as if you were on ski’s. OPTION: Jump front to back and back to front.


  • AEROBICS: Hold pool noodle over your head with two hands.  Lift up right knee and touch left side of noodle to knee 10x. Same movement to right knee.


  • LOG JUMP: Jump over noodle side to side and perform a push-up after each jump.



I hope you enjoyed these activities.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.

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