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    Coaching Physical Education

    Physical Education-10-15 Minute Lessons


    Physical Education Lessons that will entertain your classes/campers for 10-15 minutes.


    Juke Em



    Grades 3rd-12th


    Equipment: Pinnies or Wrist bands, 1 foam ball per group, Cones.


    • This is a tag game that is best played 3 v 3, but it can be played with as many as 10 players.


    • Playing area should be approximately 15 x 30 feet.


    • Divide your gym into 3-5 playing areas.


    • Rotate the pinnie teams every 5-7 minutes.  If one team isn’t playing well, they’ll only have to play the game approximately  7 minutes.


    • TIP:   Use lines on your gym floor if available as opposed to cones for boundaries.


    • You simply begin the game by tossing the ball into the playing area of each group.


    • The team that wins the toss, will play keep away from the other team.


    • If a player from the team not in possession is tagged by the ball, they must sit out.


    • If the ball is intercepted the player(s’) sitting out may return to the game.


    • VARIATION: If the ball hits the ground, the team loses possession and the players that are out may rejoin the game.


    Time Is Running Out



    Grades: 3rd-12th


    Equipment: Pinnies or Wrist bands, Football flags and belts (Option: just flags or pinnies can be tucked into side of the pants).


    • Divide the class into two teams.


    • One team will wear the flags.


    • The team without flags will attempt to remove the flags from the players with them.


    • When a flag is stolen, it’s simply dropped on the floor.


    • This is a timed game.  Whichever team removes the flags in the shortest amount of time will win the game.


    • VARIATION: When a flag is stolen, the player that stole it will wear it.


    • Divide your gym into 3 or 4 playing areas.


    • Whichever team has the most flags on, will win the game.


    • This version can be done with 2 teams only for your class, but it also gives you the option to play 3 v 3, 4 v 4 or 5 v 5.


    • Every few minutes you can rotate pinnie teams.  


    • TOURNAMENT OPTION:  Team’s will keep track of their wins, losses and ties after a few games are completed.


    • Match up undefeated teams, 1 loss teams and 2+ teams.  Not only will this allow you to complete a tournament, it will allow lesser skilled teams to play each other.


    6 Pass Mania



    Grades: 2nd-12th


    Equipment: Pinnies or Wrist bands, 1 foam ball & poly spots if you don’t have the appropriate lines painted on your floor.


    • Place class into teams of 6-8 players


    • Playing area should be 10X20 yards.  Adjust to the size of your class and teams.


    • Player with the ball may only hold it for 5 seconds.


    • Only allowed to block and steal passes.  No stripping.


    • Once 5 passes are completed without a drop or interception, you may attempt to catch the 6th pass inside the center circle of your playing area.


    • Center Circle can vary depending on the size of your playing area.  Approximately 5′ radius.


    • Note:  The team in possession must complete  a minimum of 6 passes to pass the ball in the center circle for a point.  They’re allowed to pass 6+.


    • Note:  Defenders are allowed to go into the small circle.  You may limit the amount of defenders in the small circle.



    Nest Protecter


    Grades: 3rd-12th


    Equipment: 3 large cones, 4 foam balls, dome cones and Pinnies or Wrist bands.


    • Playing area should be approximately half of a basketball court.


    • 6 v 6 works the best but you can adjust according to your class size.


    • Place 3 large cones with a ball (egg) on top of each cone.


    • Put dome cones in a circle or rectangular formation if you don’t have basketball court lines.


    • The dome cones or line will separate the defense and offense.


    • Defense stays anywhere inside the dome cones protecting the eggs from falling off the cones.


    • The offense may move anywhere outside of the dome cones.  Offense will attempt to knock an egg off the cone with a throw of the ball.


    • The offense may pass to other offensive players and move anywhere they choose as long as it’s on the outside of the dome cones.


    • If the defense intercepts a pass or the egg is knocked off the cone, the defense and offense switch positions.


    • When a switch takes place, the new offense may throw at the eggs as soon as they’re on the outside of the dome cones.


    • VARIATION: 3 passes must take place before hitting an egg. I prefer not to add the 3 pass rule, it takes away some of the fun when a interception takes place.


    Fortnite Basketball



    Grades: 3rd-12th


    Equipment: Basketballs, Pinnies and/or wrist band


    • Duo’s:  Place your class in pairs. 


    • Object of the game is to keep your ball on the basketball court without losing the bounce.


    • Two ways to get out.  If your ball stops bouncing or it is hit off the court by another player.


    • Last team standing wins the game.


    • NOTE: You don’t have to play until the last team is left, if you feel too much time has passed.


    • OUT PLAYERS: They can either sit out by the nearest wall until the next round or shoot at the side baskets until the next round.


    • TIP: As players are eliminated, make the playing area smaller.  This is similar to Fortnite as the storm closes in.


    • EXAMPLE: Start with full court, than half court, inside the paint, small circle, etc… Adjust to your gym lines.


    • VARIATION: Squads with teams of 4-6 players. 


    • Rules are the same as Duo’s






    Fortnite Soccer

    Grades: 3rd-12th

    Equipment: Soccer balls, Pinnies and/or Wrist bands


    • Duo’s: Object is is to keep your ball on the basketball court.  If you’re playing outside on the grass, than you can designate a playing area with lines or cones.


    • You and and your partner will work as a team.


    • Each player must stay with their ball.  You’re not allowed to leave it in a corner and/or have your partner guard while you kick the balls of other teams.


    • Players that are out, may juggle or pass the ball with a partner and/or up against a wall.


    • OPTION:  If a player juggles the ball 10x in a row, they’re allowed back in the game.  Varies depending on age and skill level.


    • All other rules are the same as fortnite basketball.


    • NOTE:  This game can be played with your Hockey unit.  I eliminate players for high sticking during a game of Fortnite Hockey.




    Hope you enjoyed this post.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.

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