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  • Camp

    Summer Fun Kids Camp

        HOW TO MAKE CAMP FUN   You must be overly prepared.   Have a plan for every part of a campers day before they take one step in the front door.   You must have a schedule written out for you and your counselors.   Your counselors should study your plan and activities. …

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  • Camp


    The first day of camp needs to be treated like the first day of school in many ways.  It sounds boring and maybe a little mean, but necessary if you want your camp to run smoother.  If you start out tough and strict, you can always ease up as the camp progresses.  If you start…

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  • Two Squares
    Physical Education

    4 Square

        MULTIPLE WAYS TO PLAY 4 SQUARES! 2 SQUARES, 4 SQUARES AND 6 SQUARES. VARIOUS RULE OPTIONS AND TOURNAMENT PLAY.   BENEFIT OF A 2 SQUARE TOURNAMENT   After a few rounds kids will begin to get matched up with other kids having the same success or lack there of.   Kids get to play…

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