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    Lisbona Soccer & All Sports Camp 2019







    Week 1 June 22nd-26th.



    • Soccer Dodge ball will be played each day for one of our sessions. (Foam ball used)


    • Defense


    • Passing


    • Shooting


    • Keeper Training


    • Dribbling


    • Games day



    Week 2 July 29th-July 2nd (Closed July 3rd)



    • Dodge Ball Tournaments (Foam Balls)  


    • Volleyball (Beach ball used)


    • Soccer


    • Kickball


    • Hyperspace (Tag game) (Favorite of my Students & Campers)




    Week 3 July 6th-10th



    • Dodge Ball Tournaments (Foam balls)


    • Basketball


    • Soccer Handball


    • Hyperspace (Version 2)


    • 2 Base Kickball



    Week 4 July 13th-17th



    • Dodge Ball (Foam ball used)


    • Volleyball (Beach ball used)


    • Soccer Hand Ball


    • Quad Ball ( 4 sports in 1) Basketball, Football, Soccer & Bowling.


    • Wacky Kickball


    • Cooperative Games



    Week 5 July 20th-24th



    • Dodgeball


    • Badminton (Age appropriate)  Usually 3rd grade +


    • 6 Base Kickball


    • Team Hand Ball


    • Lead up Games  (Geared toward younger campers)



    Week 6 July 27th-31st 



    • Dodgeball


    • Volleyball


    • Softball &/or Baseball


    • Capture The Flag


    • Capture The Ball







    • 1 Week of Camp $180


    • 2 Week’s of Camp $170 X 2 = $340


    • 3 Week’s of Camp $160 X 3 = $480


    • 4 Week’s of Camp $150 X 4 =$600


    • 5 Week’s of Camp $140 X 5 = $700


    • 6 Week’s of Camp $130 X 6 = $780  (If you have 2 children attending all six weeks the price will be reduced another $60.


    • Recreation rate: If you attend the Recreation camp and Lisbona camp, the rate is $130 per week.


    • Daily Rate: $35 Per day. If you can only come certain days or just happen to walk in for one day, the daily rate is $35.





    • Can I choose any number of weeks? Yes, Examples:Attend Week 4,5 & 6, cost = $480. Attend all 6 weeks, cost = $780.  Attend 1 week cost +$180.  Attend Week 2 and week 5 cost = $340.


    • Do you accept walk-ins? YES, come in any day prior to the start of the day and sign up for the week or day.


    • Camp hours? 12:00-4:00


    • Is lunch served? Yes, Pizza and drinks are served every day.  You may bring lunch and snacks. 


    • May I pay in advance for Lunch? Yes, you may pay with your initial payment, weekly or daily. We will keep track of your child’s food/drink credit.  


    • How often are you outside? 30% of the day is spent outside.  Extreme Hot days, the schedule will be adjusted to stay inside more.


    • What if it rains? Camp will be open rain or shine.


    • Do you take water breaks?  Yes, after every activity campers will take a 5-10 minute break in an air conditioned classroom.


    • If my child attends the recreation camp, do I need to pick them up and bringing them to the Lisbona Camp? NO, a counselor from Rec will guide them to our sign-in.


    • Entrance? Last door by the turnaround.  A counselor will be outside to guide your child inside. Additional counselor’s will be inside to guide your child to sign in and the classroom.


    • Do I have to sign my child in and out? Once campers are comfortable, they may sign in on their own.  Only middle school aged students may sign out on their own when their ride has arrived.




    All Sport Daily Routine


    • Sign-in, order lunch/drinks and watch a movie until the first activity begins.


    • Separate groups by age and ability.


    • First activity.


    • Water break in the classroom.


    • Second activity.


    • Water break in the classroom.


    • Third activity.


    • Lunch in the classroom with a movie.  


    • Fourth activity.


    • Sign out.


    Soccer Daily Routine


    • Sign-in, order lunch/drinks and watch a movie until the first activity begins.


    • Separate groups.


    • Skill practice.


    • Water break.


    • Modified games.


    • Water break.


    • Indoor modified game.


    • Lunch in the classroom with a movie. Soccer questions and answers.


    • Scrimmage. 


    • Water break.


    • Competition for prizes. Prize choices usually consist of: Free slice, free drink, candy, happy meal or toy.


    • Sign out.




    Birthday Parties





    • We will bring the fun to you.


    • If you choose the location, we will bring the equipment and run the games.


    • Location ideas: Local Community/rec center, Soccer Field, Park or backyard.


    • Choose 1 hour, 1 1/2 hours or 2 hours of games.


    • Set-up and clean up doesn’t count as part of your child’s game time.


    • Receive a $20 discount toward Lisbona All Sports Camp.




    About Coach Lisbona



    • 22nd year running The Lisbona Camp.


    • 25th year  Physical Education Teacher in Long Hill TWSP.


    • 24th year Middle School Boys Soccer Coach.


    • 21st year Assistant Varsity Watchung Hills High School Wrestling Coach.


    • Long Hill Resident last 6 years.


    • Certified in CPR, First Aid, AED and Epi-pin.


    • Father of 4. Nicole 18 loves Robotics, Art and Cyber Security. Steven 15 Soccer and Wrestling, Daniela 13 Tennis and Music. Sophia 10 Soccer & music.




    Contact Info


    • Email:


    • Office: 908-647-2312 x2292


    • Fax: 908-647-4917


    • Cell: 908-698-1831 (Call or txt)


    Please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions in regards to the Camp or Birthday parties.

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