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Lead Up Games For Kickball




Kick Ball for Beginners 


Kick Ball drill video for K & 1st


Home Run Derby: 


  • Grades K-2nd grade


  • Equipment needed: Foam ball about 10″, pinnies or wrist bands, bases and a score board.


  • Kicker must kick the ball forward and not stop at any bases.


  • Fielding team must get the ball.  The team must form a line behind the player that has the kicked ball.  Than they need to pass the ball over each players head until it reaches the last person.


  • When the ball reaches the last person, they yell “DONE!!!”


  • The kicker will receive a point for  every base they touch. Great lead up game for young children!



Almost Kick Ball

Grades: 1st-3rd


Equipment: Bases, kick ball & wrist band or pinnies


  • No foul balls, but the ball must be kicked forward and no bunting.


  • No pegging.


  • Base runners are allowed to pass each other.


  • Lots of freedom with the base line.


  • Don’t play 3 outs.  Everyone pitches and everyone gets up to kick.


  • Step on home with the ball when last kicker kicks.


  • Not out for balls that are caught.


  • Don’t worry about force plays. If a player is tagged with the ball or touches the base before the runner then they’re out.


  • No stealing or leading.


The game of Mat Ball is a great lead up game for kick ball.  It’s a great way to get younger campers/students ready for a kick ball game.  They’ll get accustomed to the idea of kicking a ball, running bases and scoring points on a much easier level and your experienced kick ball players will love the game as much as kick ball.


Mat Ball


Ages: 7 yrs & up (2nd grade & up) First grade could probably do this with some patients.


Equipment: Two gymnastics mats, 1 large foam dodge ball 8″-12″ or foam soccer ball and something to make a pitchers mound. Possibly poly spots, floor tape, shoe polish or liquid lines and Pinnies or Wrist bands.


Set up


  • One team in the field with a pitcher, catcher and fielders.


  • Other team in the designated dug out, usually behind the catcher or whatever makes sense in your gym/field.


  • Place one Mat on the far end of gym and one mat on the near end.  There’s no exact science to this but let’s say the near mat is 5 feet from the right side line and the far mat is 15 feet from the same side line.


  • A line with poly spots, floor tape, shoe polish etc…can be an extra guide line running from mat to mat.  Campers/students should be made aware what side of the line to stay on when running.


IMPORTANT SAFETY TIP: Don’t place mats directly across from each other, so you can avoid collisions.  You will have players running in both directions at the same time.




  • The kicker must run to the far mat first once the ball is kicked.  They can choose to stay at the far mat or immediately run back to the near mat.

  • A player will not be out if the ball is caught.


  • The fielding team must tag or peg the runner to get them out. NOT tag the mat.


  • Once a player returns to the near mat, they will receive a point for their team, but they don’t stop playing.


  • There may be multiple runners on each mat as the game progresses.


  • Everyone gets up to kick. Do not play 3 outs.


  • Rule adjustment on last kicker:  When the last kicker strikes the ball, the runners are no longer safe on the mats.  I give my campers/students 30 seconds to score points on the last kick or until everyone is out.


Tip: Teach your campers how to get set up for the game.  Each team will need a pitcher, catcher, infielders, outfielders.  They’ll also need at least one player behind each mat and on the opposite side of the running lane. In this picture I used a few campers to demonstrate but typically you would play a 10 v 10 game. These pictures are to help understand the running lane to avoid collisions.


My older campers & students love mat ball (5th-8th)!  CLICK HERE to check out more advanced & creative kick ball games.


I hope you enjoyed this game.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.


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