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Kindergarten Games-Scarves


Scarves, scarves and more scarf games!!!




Grades: K-2nd


  • Jumping jacks while holding scarves.


  • Spell letters while holding a scarf.


  • Answer math problems. 5+2 and write a 7 in the air with your scarf.


  • Get in push-up position. Place one scarf under each foot. Slide both feet up and down to chest in a sliding motion.


  • Same as above, but alternate feet up and down.  Make a circular motion with feet.


  • Jump, hop, skip, jog, run around the gym waving the scarf in any direction you choose.


  • Toss 1 scarf and catch.


  • Toss 1 and catch with opposite hand.


  • Toss 1 and catch high, medium and low level.


  • Toss 1, jump and catch.


  • Toss 1, touch ears and catch, nose, knees, etc.. and/or a combination such as head, knees, toes in one toss and catch.


  • Toss 1, 360 and catch.


  • Toss 1, sit and catch.


  • Toss 1 and catch on your knee.


  • Toss 1 and catch on your head.


  • Toss 1 and catch on your foot.


  • Toss 1, lay down and catch on your belly or chest.


  • Attempt to keep the scarf off the ground by striking it.  No grabbing.


  • Toss 2 scarves and catch with same hands at the same time.


  • Toss 2 scarves, right hand first, than left hand. Still catching with the same hand.


  • Toss 2 scarves and catch with opposite hands.  Repeat over and over by juggling.


  • Toss 2 scarves one at a time with the same hand and catch with the same hand.


  • Juggle 3 scarves to opposite hands.



  • TRADING PLACES: Stand at a reasonable distance from your partner, toss the scarf straight up in the air.  Trade places and attempt to catch the scarf before it hits the ground.


  • TOSS & GO RACE: Partner without scarf will stand to the side and behind the partner with the scarf.  Partner with the scarf will toss it out in front of them and partner behind will run up and catch it before it hits the ground.  NOTE: This can be made into a race if all teams line up on the same line and wait for your signal.


  • TIP: Kids love competitions.








  • Groups of 3.


  • Each team has 1 hula hoop with 3 scarves played under the hoop.


  • Object is to steal scarves from the other teams and put them under your hoop.


  • You may have one player guard your scarves and two other players steal scarves from the other teams.


  • At the end of each 3 minute round, have each team count up their scarves to see who has the most.


  • If a player is tagged, by the scarf guard, they must go back and touch their own hoop before playing again.


  • OPTION: Instead of touching their own hoop after being tagged, they can perform an exercise such as jumping jacks, push ups, wall seat, etc…


  • OPTION: Add two players that are the SCARF MONSTERS.  These two players are not on a team.  Their only job is to tag other players.


  • If someone is tagged by a scarf monster they must take one of their scarves and place it in the center of the gym where it can be stolen by other teams.




  • You can play this in groups of 5,10,20+


  • Each  group will get in a circle.  On the signal toss, all players will toss the scarf up and rotate one spot to the right and catch the scarf of the person to your right.


  • Same process, except now you will skip two spaces. Same process, but now you skip 3 spaces.




  • Taggers where pinnies or wrist bands.


  • Playing that are fleeing where a flag football belt or tuck in their back of their pants.


  • Fleeing players will tuck their scarf (tail) in the belt.


  • Taggers will attempt to steal the scarf and place it in the center circle of the gym.If a players tail is stolen, they must perform an exercise.  Once their done with their exercise, they may retrieve their tail and get back into the game.


CAPTURE THE SCARF (Similarities To Capture the Flag)


CLICK HERE to see a video of this game.

Grades: 2nd-8th


Equipment: Scarves, hula hoops, dome cones, large cones, flag football belts and pinnies.


  • This game can be played outside or inside of a gym.  Best played outside.


  • The field is divided in half with cones.


  • Each team has a jail and safety hoops.  


  • All players have a flag football belt with a scarf tucked in the back or tucked in their pants if you don’t have the belts.


  • Object is to finish the game with more scarves than the other team.


  • Each team starts with one golden striped scarf in a hula hoop in the back of their field.  This scarf is worth 5 scarves!


  • When players cross the middle line of cones to the side of the other team,  they may steal scarves from the other team when they come to their side.


  • When a scarf is stolen, they will put the scarf in their hula hoop in the back of the field.


  • If a players scarf is stolen, they must go to jail on the side of the other team which is simply a large cone in the corner of the field.  Players can chain together when they’re in jail.


  • When a player is tagged out of jail by a teammate, they’ll receive a free walk back to their side of the field.  If they have any scarfs in their back hoop, they may take one and continue playing.


  • If there are no scarfs in their back hoop, they must steal a scarf from someone on the other team, before they cross over to the side of the other team.


  • At the end of the game, any scarves in a players belt or back hula hoop will be added up.  The team with the most scarves will win the game.  OPTION: I prefer to play this game by 5-10 minute rounds and I give a point to the team that won the round and start again.


  • When you start a second round, allow all players to come out of jail and start with one scarf tucked in their belt.  Also, each team should start with the golden scarf in their back hoop.



Play scarf games if you’re stuck in the classroom for P.E.

I hope you enjoyed these activities.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.

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