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Kids Soccer Practice Plans

Kids Soccer Practice Plans from start to finish.




Key Points

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  • Start with positive comments from the previous game.  It’s always good to compliment players right after a game, but it’s good to discuss this right before a practice so it’s fresh on the mind.


  • Other players should benefit from good play by their teammates.


  • Discuss purpose of what you’re working on for the day.  This may be from mistakes made in a previous game or simply something you haven’t worked on yet.



  • Cardio can be modified based on the age.  The following lessons will give some examples of fun cardio, not just tedious.


  • All cardio doesn’t have to occur in the beginning or end of practice.  It can be added in at any time during the practice.


Cardio Ideas (Explanation of cardio will be explained in the following lessons)


  • Laps.


  • On The Call.


  • Diagonals.


  • Run,walk & Sprint.


  • Pyramids.


  • Tag.


  • King of the Court.


  • Agility ladder.




put video of one of the kids stretching

  • Calf Stretch

  • Thigh Stretch

  • Inner Thigh Stretch

  • Hamstring Stretch


  • Shoulder Stretch

  • Back Stretch

  • Tricept Stretch

  • Chest Stretch

Defensive Soccer Practice ( 1 1/2hr practice)






  • 5 minutes: Team discussion.


  • 10 minutes: 2 laps around the soccer field followed by stretching. 


  • 5 minutes: On the call: All players dribble in a designated area no bigger than 10′ diameter circle.  This can vary depending on the size of your team.


  • In this drill your players will maintain a slow dribble and perform skills on your call.


  • Move Examples: Trap, roll, drag back, drag back L turn, step over, double step over, scissor, double scissor, maradona, dribble with right foot only, left foot only, front of foot only, etc…


  •  10 minutes 1st Drill: 5-7 players per group.  1st player in line Stands facing the the rest of the group as the defender.  Defender  <== 15ft==>  The rest of the group.


  • 1st attacker in group attempts to dribble past the defender.


  • Rotation: Defender goes to the end of the line and becomes an attacker.  The attacker becomes the new defender.


  • The drill should last no more than 10 seconds for each go or until the attacker gets past the defender or the defender steals the ball.


  • Tips for the defender: Work attacker to sideline.  Wait for a mistake before attempting a tackler and/or steal.


  •  10 minutes 2nd Drill: Multiple groups going at the same time.  If a player gets past a defender there will be a keeper waiting in goal that they may shoot on.


  • 10 minutes 3rd Drill: Add a 2nd defender to each group to teach communication.  2nd defender is not allowed to help first defender for the first 3 seconds of the drill.  Once 3 seconds have past, they will communicate to 1st defender, so they know they can tackle.


  • 5 minutes Cardio: 1 Diagonal: Place your team in the corner of the field.  They must sprint the goal line, jog diagonally where mid-line and sideline meet, sprint mid-line, jog diagonally to far left corner, sprint the goal line and repeat the process until the return to the original starting location.


  • VARIATION: Decrease difficulty by only doing this from one and of the field to other without returning to the original starting point.


  • VARIATION: Increase difficulty by sprinting diagonal runs and jogging goal lines.


  • 20 minutes Full Field Scrimmage: Promote and coach proper defense throughout the scrimmage.  Stop the scrimmage when needed to point out mistakes and good decisions.


  • 5 minutes. Finish practices with each player jogging 1 lap around the field with a ball.


  • 5 minutes of team discussion.  This could be reinforcement about the practice and/or game prep.


  • 5 minutes of clean up.


Trapping Practice



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