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    Knights of the Lunch Table (The Dodgeball Chronicles) by Frank Cammuso

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    Book Review


    I guess you could say this book caught my attention for obvious reasons.  I teach so many different styles of dodge ball games to my campers/students but I’m always looking for something new.  During my research looking for new games,  I came across this book by accident and decided to take a closer look  It’s much more than just a book about dodge ball.  I thought I would find some new dodge ball games, but instead I found so much more.  I encourage my campers to read this book and plan add this to the health curriculum with my 2nd-5th grade students.  We touch on bullying, but I know this book will spark up good conversations with the children.  This will create more awareness and learning than the previous curriculum.


    I love what this book teaches.  It’s a sad but true reality that kids go thru in school.  Bullies and strategies on how to handle them.  This book uses imagination, strategies, friendships and a good vs evil idea but made for children.


    It’s possible that it may be easier to read for kids that haven’t been bullied, but I think kids that have been bullied will find the book useful and encouraging.


    Book Details


    • The Struggle of a boy moving to a new town and trying to fit in.


    • Dealing with bullies.


    • Finding new friends.


    • Of course dodge ball games.


    • Adventures and Imaginations in this book that kids will relate to.


    I’d like to quote a few lines, that will give you an idea of how kids can relate to this book.


    • “Why did we have to move?”


    • “What if my locker doesn’t Open?”


    • “I stink at sports, what if they find out?”


    • “I stink at baseball, football and dodgeball! I stink at everything!”


    This book touches on real life trials and tribulations that kids go thru, but in a way kids can relate.  My soon to be 4th grader loved it!


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