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Ideas-Large Group Activities


As a Physical Educator &/or a Camp Counselor you don’t always get to choose the size of your class.  I was lucky enough to get observed during my student teaching for a potential job.  I had a combined class of 60 seventh graders, so I had to come up with something good.  23 years later, I’m still teaching at the same school.  The rest is history, but more importantly I will teach the game I taught that day and more.




Grades: 2nd-8th


Equipment: 3 cones, 1 foam soccer ball and wrist bands or pinnies


  • Break the class into 3 teams.


  • Place the campers/students on the sidelines & baselines of the basketball court.


  • Separate the 3 teams using your cones.  You’ll have to measure or walk off the distance to make it equal for all of the teams.


  • Place a foam ball in the center of the gym.  Place two foam balls if you have a second teacher in the class.


  • Give each player a number.


  • OBJECT of the game is to kick the ball past a sideline or baseline of the other 2 teams.


  • Any shot over the head will not count.


  • If a ball hits a cone, the goal will not count.


  • All players on the sidelines and baselines are goalies.


  • When a players number is called, they’re no longer a goalies and they must run to the center of the gym as quickly as possible to retrieve a ball.


  • SAFETY RULE: Players must do a sole of the foot trap before they, shoot, pass or dribble the ball.  Only when they get to the ball first in the middle of the court.


  • Which ever team has the least amount of goals scored on them wins the game.


  • Goalies are not allowed to score.


  • VARIATION: Which ever team scores the most goals wins the game.


  • TIP: If you’re playing with 3 teams it’s easier to follow which teams were scored on.


  • TIP: Call 3 numbers at the same time.  This will give you 9 players on the court.


  • Note: All players are forced to pay attention, because they’re playing the keeper position when the number is not called.




  • All the rules are the same, but now you’re only playing with two teams.


  • Place 1 cone on each side of the gym where the baseline and sideline meet.


  • Spread the players along the sidelines and baselines just as you did with the previous version.


  • Since it’s only two teams with 60 players, you can call 4 or 5 numbers at the same time, to increase game play.




Grades: 3rd-8th


Equipment: Eye guards, hockey sticks, floor hockey ball (I prefer foam softballs), 3 cones and wrist bands or pinnies.


  • Same rules as box soccer.


  • Players are still required to trap the ball when getting to the center first.  They must take the head of the stick and place it on top of the ball.


  • ADDITIONAL RULE: No high sticking.  If the head of a stick reaches the shoulders it will be considered a high stick.


  • First high stick is a warning, 2nd out of game 1 minute, 3rd 3 minutes and 4th out of the game.  This can be modified to your liking.


  • NOTE: Reassure kids that they’re not in a time out.  It’s a power play and a part of hockey.


  • Goalies are not allowed to score.


  • TIP: Use RUBBER HEAD hockey sticks or PILLOW POLO STICKS.




Grades: 2nd-8th


Equipment: 1 six inch foam dodge ball, 3 cones wrist bands or pinnies.


  • This game has most of the same rules as the previous games.


  • DO NOT place a ball in the center of the gym.  Students/campers will hit heads when they bend down to pick it up.


  • Throw the ball into play each round.


  • Use 1 ball. 2 balls if there is a second teacher/counselor in the gym.


  • Option to make 2 or 3 teams.


  • When a player is in possession of the ball they have 5 seconds and 3 steps. 


  • Goalies must follow the same rule.


  • Goalies are not allowed to score.


VOLLEY BALL can always be played in large groups, especially if you play with four teams.  They can play side by side as in the picture or if you have the set up to place two nets to make a plus sign.  The video shows a small version of the game, but you can play a team version in your class or camp with a larger net.











Grades: K-5th


Equipment: Foam balls


  • Object of the game is to have less balls on your side of the gym.


  • When the game begins, the players must kick or throw balls to the other side of the gym.


  • TIP: There’s a big difference between throwing a ball after the game has stopped & a ball that was already thrown.


  • A ball that was already thrown when the game is stopped will be allowed to stay on whatever side it ended up on.  A ball thrown after the game has stopped will be returned to the the team that had a late throw.


DODGE BALL can always be played with large groups.


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