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How To Set UP My Own Website



Home Page  


  • Remember that you don’t need to make it complicated.  Most people just want to know what you offer and how much it will cost.


  • Start with a short paragraph, including your best deal, for example: Only $100 per week if you sign up for all 6 weeks.  Give a brief outline of what the camp will consist of.  Skill, modified games, scrimmages etc…


  • Add a few key points that you feel are important.   I know from experience that the kids will bring their cleats for outdoor soccer, but forget their sneakers for the indoor activities so I mention that on my home page.  I also mention the free shirt they’ll receive with early registration.


  • Attach a registration form to your homepage.  Many people are not be interested in anything else so you don’t want them to search all over the place for it.


  • Add a few pictures because we are visual creatures by nature.  A video if you want.  The pictures I have on my site are from my camp.  I was granted permission to post photos on my site thru my registration form. Make sure you do that if you use photos of the campers.


About you 


  • You’ll need an about you page.  It doesn’t have to be long, but parents want to know your experience.  How long you’ve taught children, coaching experience, camp experience.


  • Don’t be afraid to get a little personal.  Nothing wrong with mentioning your family, interests, hobbies.  Doesn’t have to be extremely detailed.



  • Think about what you would want to know about a camp that you’re interested in.  This will get you started, but here are some questions that I get to help you further.


  • Hours?


  • Rate?


  • Deals?  The more weeks you sign up for, the lower the rate. Multiple children deals.


  • Drop off location and time?


  • Lunch/drink?


  • Placement of what group my child is in? Level?


  • Can I walk-in any time to sign up or is there a deadline?


  • Can I add weeks?


  • Do you have a daily rate?  Can my child try it out for a day?



Registration Mistakes


  • No matter how much you’ve advertised and made things very clear, some parents will ask questions you’ve answered.  Here are some examples of mistakes I receive and how I answer them.


  • Incorrect payment:  Stevie is all set for week 2 and 3, but you’re at the two week rate of $140.  Please send in an additional $20 at your earliest convenience.


  • Under paid:  Dina is all set for week 1,2 and 3, but you over paid.  Would you like a $40 food/drink credit or a reimbursement check.  Most parents go for the food/drink credit and appreciate the honesty.


  • Forgot Insurance:  Daniela is all set for all 5 weeks of camp, but please send in a copy of your health insurance card at your earliest convenience.


  • Expecting a free shirt:  I advertise 6 months before my camp begins and registration forms come out 4 months before the last day of school.  If you advertise in January and someone doesn’t get their form in by your early registration date of June 10th, they really don’t have a leg to stand on.  You’ll need time to get your order in and have the shirts ready.  It’s a free shirt and a bulk order, so most likely you won’t be able to order one or two more shirts for a disgruntled parent.


  • Change Summer Plans:  Every Summer I will get a few parents who already paid, but they changed their Summer plans and now they want their money back.  Your waiver should be set up so you don’t have to give them their money back, but it’s bad business to send them away angry.  You want to keep their business for years to come.  Allow them to come a different week or  offer them a voucher to use for the following Summer.  If they miss a week due to a change in plans, give them a voucher for the following Summer with an expiration date.




Contact Page


  • Make sure the parents can get in touch with you.  Answer your phone in a professional manner if it’s not one of your contacts.


  • Email


  • Office Phone


  • Cell phone: Let them know they can call or text anytime.



Games Page


  • You don’t need to have every activity you play with the kids, but an overview would be great.  Maybe  a few games you feel like bragging about.  I would include some games that you think are fun, but are not your typical game like basketball, soccer,softball etc… For Example:  I play a game named Quad ball that my Father taught me.  It’s a great game that the kids love, so the explanation of this game is on my site.



How to Start


  • Google has an easy free template to make a basic free site which is all you need for camp advertising.


  • Here is a link to my Camp site.  Very basic, but effective.  Hope it helps you!


As I said earlier you really don’t need that much information.  Most parents want to get to the point and for cost, activities, hours etc…


For more info on starting your own camp, CLICK HERE.


I hope you found this information useful.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.

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  1. Dianna Donohue

    Hey I think your website is great. Such an easy way to learn how to setup a website. We don’t have summer camp in Australia, it sounds like fun

    • admin

      Thanks, I’m glad you like it! I was aiming to make it easy to understand, so I’m glad you feel that way. How much time do children have off in Australia? Do you just go on vacation and make family plans?


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