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You have many options for a Gymnastic lesson in your Physical Education lesson.  It doesn’t have to be flips, parallel bars and advanced movements.



Jog & Search


Equipment: Index cards


Grades: 2nd-12th


  • Spread out index cards labeled with exercises all over your gym floor.


  • Have your students jog around the basketball court or designated area.


  • On your whistle the students will sprint to an index card and perform the exercise.


  • Exercise choices: Squats, jumping jacks, wall seats, jump up, balance on one foot, push-ups and curl-ups.


  • Once the student completes the exercise, they return to a slow job around the court until you blow the whistle again.


Individual Mat Work



Equipment: 2 X 4 floor mats


Grades: 1st-5th


  • Balance on 1 foot.


  • Airplane balance on 1 foot with arms out and lean forward.


  • Jump up and perform a 180 and 360.


  • Push-ups.


  • Curl-ups.


  • Jump straight up.


  • Jump up and to the side.


  • Jump forward & back.


  • Air jacks. Jumping while doing a jumping jack.


  • Jump up from a kneeling position to a stand.


  • Hand stands.


  • Walking hand stands.


Partner Work



  • Squats back to back.


  • Lifts: Stand back to back, hook elbows and lift your partner off the floor. Take turns back and forth. 


  • Face your partner, grab hands, touch toe to toe and lean back as if your sitting in a chair.


  • Balance on a partner. One partner gets on all fours and another partner does the same on their back.


  • Same as above from a standing position. (Piggy back)


  • Partner does push-ups while the other holds them up by their ankles.


  • A,B,C Push-ups with a partner. Slap hands while doing push-ups each time you come up.


  • Groups of 3.  All 3 partners hold hands while 1 of the partners attempt to jump over the arms of the other two.


  • One partner down on all four’s and the other partner in the same position, but on top of their partner.


  • Falling correctly.  Hold your partner’s hands while leaning back ward and let go.  Strike hands on the mat as you fall.



Gymnastic Stations



Equipment: Mats, balance beams, cones


Grades: 3rd-8th


  • Balance beam station.  Low to the ground walking, cartwheels.


  • Rolling station.  Use a high mat 2-3 feet in thickness. Run up and log roll or forward roll.


Rock Wall Station


CLICK HERE for more rock wall activities.


Tumbling station


Equipment: Mats


Grades:  K-5th



  • Log rolls.


  • Forward rolls.


  • Back rolls.


Rope Swing Station



Equipment: You’ll need a rope attached to your ceiling & a 6-12 inch thick mat.


Grade: 2nd-6th


  • Students will swing over the mat.


Rope Climb Station


  • I recommend a 2-3 ft thickness in your mat with a teaching spotting. 


Box Jump Station


  • Use different heights for ability.


Plank Station


  • Front and side planks.


  • Wall seats.


Moving Station


  • Bear crawls


  • Army crawls






  • Jumps 


  • Leap frogs with a partner or group.  Jump over partner back as the bend over.


  • Wheel barrel with one  partner holding the ankles while the other walks on their hands.


  • Double Wheel barrel. First partner in push-up position with feet resting on partners shoulders.  2nd player in push-up position with other partner holding the ankle’s.


  • Walking hand stands.


Balance before the beam


Equipment: Mats


Grades: K-5th


  • Balance on one foot. Flamingo style.


  • Chair seat.

  • Feet and hands only with rear up in the air.


  • One foot touch side of your other leg and both hands together above your head.


  • Stretch over to side, with arm out.

  • Head down and foot up.

  • Advanced side plank.

  • Advanced balance.

  • Advanced balance split.

  • Elbow balance.

Balance Beam activities


Equipment: Benches & Mats to be place underneath the benches or beams.


Grades: K-5th




  • You can use a bench if you don’t have a balance beam’s.  They’re wider and less expensive.


  • Crawl across.


  • Hands and feet only.


  • Crab crawl forward and backward.


  • Army crawl.


  • Straddle walk sideways.


  • Run.


  • Hop.


  • Jump.


  • Walk backwards.


  • Turning in circles.


  • Pause half way and stand on one foot.


  • Pause on one knee.


  • Pause and balance on one foot leaning forward.


  • Forward & backward dismount practice.


Obstacle Course


CLICK HERE to see a obstacle/ninja warrior course to give you some ideas for your class.




  • There is no set way to set up a obstacle course, but I recommend requiring your students to perform a balance movement after each apparatus. 


  • Log Roll on a mat.


  • Walk on a low balance beam.


  • Crawl thru a tunnel.


  • Swing on a rope.


  • Perform 3 cartwheels on a mat.


  • Walk on hands and feet in a push-ups.


  • Jump from 2 X 2ft mats with touching the ground.  Place a thin mat underneath. Similar to how Ninja warrior begins.


  • Army Crawl.


Hope you enjoyed this post.  Feel free to leave a comment or question below.

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