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Physical Education

Games On Scooters


There are so many different games you can play on scooters with your campers/students.  I played as a kids and it’s one of those things that never gets old.  Kids still love playing on scooters.




Scooter Relays


Equipment: One Scooter per team and dome cones.


Grades: Pre-K-5th


  • I don’t like to make teams too large when doing any type of relay, because you don’t want your campers/students to have a lot of down time.   A good example would be 6 teams of 4 players.  All you need is a starting line and/or dome cone and a cone on the far end of the gym for the kids to go around and come back.


  • Option: If you’re dealing with an age group below 8 years of age you could cut the distance in half by going from one end of the gym to the other, instead of around the cone and back.  If you do this you’ll need each player to have a scooter instead of one scooter for each team.


  • Scooter relay in a sitting position


  • kneeling


  • Lying n stomach/chest


  • Hands only (Hand on the scooter and feet on the floor)


  • Partner push: 2nd person in line pushes the first person who is in a seated position.  When they return the player on the scooter goes to the end of the line and the player who just pushed will get on the scooter and the 3rd person in line will push them.  The game finishes with the first person in line pushing the last person. Note: I recommend 9 yrs and up for this game.


  • Wheel barrel:  Same pattern as partner push, but the player puts their chest/stomach on the scooter and the player behind them  holds their feet like a wheel barrel.


  • Ball push: Each player must push a ball along the ground as they maneuver the scooter from one end of the gym to the other.



  • Scooter Relay Tip:  You can always limit distance by having the kids use the scooter to the half court way line, run to the far line or cone and than return to the scooter at the half way line and ride it back to the start.



Clean Your Own Backyard


Equipment: One Scooter per camper/student and as many balls as you would like.  Any type of foam or even a kick ball will work.


Grades: Pre-K-5th


  • This is one of those games you can play with many different sports, soccer, floor hockey, football and more.


  • Each team on one half of the gym.


  • Not allowed to cross the mid line.


  • Once you start the game on the signal :”GO” or music, the players will try to hit, kick and throw balls to the the other side of the gym. You can stop the game every few minutes and declare a winner to the team with the least amount of balls on their side of the gym.


  • TIP: Make the campers aware that a ball may still be rolling after the game stops and if it ends up on your side of the gym, your team is stuck with the ball.  Explain to them that they’re not allowed to strike a ball after the game stops and they must be aware of the difference.


Scooter Hand ball


Equipment: Scooters, 2 goals and a foam ball.


Grades: 3rd-8th


  • All players including the goalie lay on the stomach with the scooter.


  • The ball can be caught, thrown rolled and pushed around.


  • Object is to hit, throw or roll the ball into the goal of the other team.


  • Use a sideline if you a class of 20+ or set up two games.


  • Players are not aloud to carry the ball and move around with the scooter.


Scooter Tag


Equipment: One Scooter per camper.  Pinnies or Wrist bands.


Grades: Pre-K-5th


  • Just like any freeze tag game, you have designated taggers with pinnies or wrist bands on.


  • If a player is tagged they must freeze with their hand up until another player gives them a high five.


  • Option: After a player is tagged they could perform an exercise to get back into the game such as jumping jacks, wall seats etc…  I don’t recommend push ups, because someone could run over their fingers by accident during the game.


Scooter Hockey          


Equipment: One Scooter per player.  Minnie hockey stick per player. Pinnies or wrist bands.  Two goals. Foam Softball.


Grades: 4th-8th


  • TIP: I recommend wrist bands when kids are on scooters, because pinnies can get tangled in the wheels.


  • If you have a lot of players in your group, you can place half of each team on the sideline and the other half in the playing area.


  • You’ll need to rotate the sideline and field players every 2-3 minutes.


  • Side line players should be allowed to pass and shoot in this game, but they’ll much less involvement because they must stay behind the sideline of the court.


  • If you’re Playing with 10 yrs & up you can play with a defense & offense. (4th grade & up).  If you’re playing with younger children, I recommend Sideline Scooter Hockey.


Scooter Sideline Hockey                  


Equipment: One scooter per player. Minnie hockey stick per player.  Pinnies or wrist bands. 1 foam softball.


Grades: 1st-5th


  • This game is played just like side line soccer and hockey without scooters.


  • One foam softball is placed in the center of the gym.


  • Each team is placed on opposite side base lines of the basketball court and give a number.


  • Call 3-5 numbers at a time.  The players that are called, must ride their scooters to the center and go for the ball.


  • Object is to shoot the ball using their minnie hockey stick past the base line of the other team.


  • Players that are not called, must stay near the base line (goal line) and remain as goalies.


  • TIP: I don’t recommend using scooters too often.  It’s fun, but also a great workout and kids may begin to see them in a negative way. Every so often you can break out the scooter games and they’ll love it!


Spaghetti & Meatballs


Equipment: Scooters, pool noodles and cage balls.


Grades: K-3rd


  • Taggers on scooters with pool noodles to tag.


  • Players with the cage balls not on scooters.  Only allowed to walk.


  • If a player is tagged with a noodle or cage ball, they must go off to the side and perform the designated exercise.


  • Option: When a player is hit with the cage ball (meatball) they take the cage ball and that player takes their scooter.


Cones Up & Cones Down


Equipment: Scooters, cones and wrist bands.


Grades: K-5th


  • Divide the class into 2 teams with wrist bands.  Don’t use pinnies with scooters because they’re more likely to get stuck in the wheels.


  • Spread cones all over the gym.  Some up and some down.


  • Half of the class must stand cones up and the other half must stand them up.


  • Switch roles for each team.


  • Variation: Players may only use their feet.


  • Variation: Team that is knocking cones down can only use their head.  Team that is setting cones up, can only use their feet.


Race Track


Equipment: Scooters, cones and pinnies.


Grades: 2nd-5th


  • Make the course into a race track.  This will make a relay race more exciting.


  • This type of race can be done with scooters, hoppity hops, jump ropes and running.


  • You also have an option to do this race with basketballs and soccer balls.  I recommend waiting until 4th grade.


CLICK HERE to see a video of Race Track.


Tug Of War

Equipment: Scooters and possibly a rope or jump rope.


Grades: 2nd-6th


  • With a partner chain one or two hands together in a sitting or laying down position.


  • Object of the game is to pull your partner past a designated line.


  • The same game can be played by having each partner hold on to one end of a rope.


Number Call



Equipment: Scooters


Grades: 1st-6th


  • With a partner, each player will sit, kneel or lay down on their scooter at the center of the gym.  One partner on each side of the half court line.


  • All the players on the left side are #1 and all the players one the right side are #2.


  • When a player’s number is called, they must attempt to roll past a designated line behind them, such as the base line of the basketball court before they’re tagged by their partner.


Scooter Volleyball



Equipment: Scooters, beach ball or kick ball ( Any ball with bounce), omni ball and Volleyball net or low net.


Grades: 3rd-6th


  • This game can be played with a low net.


  • You can allow players to catch the ball or multiple bounces before striking it.


Scooter Swat Ball


Equipment: Scooters, Kick ball, bases and pinnies or wrist bands. ( I recommend wrist band whenever using scooters)


Grades: 3rd-6th


  • All players will be on  a scooter.


  • The pitchers will pitch with a bounce.


  • The batter will swat the ball with a fist or open hand.



Scooter Ball



Equipment: Scooters, omni ball or trainer volleyball or target cage ball and wrist bands. Tip: Pinnies can caught on scooter wheels.


Grades: 2nd-6th


  • Object of the game is to hit the ball past the base line of the basketball on the side of the other team.


  • Players may hold and move with the ball for 5 seconds.


  • Throwing or striking is allowed.


  • Option: Use a goal and goalie.


  • Tip: Break your class into 4 teams with two separate games being played at the same time.  This way you can play in a smaller area.  Large areas on scooters can become exhausting for the kids.



I hope you found these games useful.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.







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