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Fun Warm Up Games For Kids


When starting your day at camp or class it’s always smart to start with a warm-up.  Warm-ups don’t have to be boring.  Most of the warm-ups that I do with my campers and students are more like a game than a boring warm-up.  As a Owner/Camp Director it’s a good way to cover yourself.  If a child pulls a muscle in an activity you are covered in the fact that you properly warmed them up.  If you’re really concerned about this than you’ll want to make sure you add stretches after the warm-up.  I’m going to show you a bunch of different fun warm up games for kids.





  • Jog to music.  I have my students jog to music, than stop for 5 push-ups, jog to music, stop for 10 crunches, jog to music, than stop for 10 jumping jacks. Option: you can add skipping, shuffling or anything you choose.


  • Cones up and cones down: A fun simple warm-up where half the group is trying to knock cones down with their hands and the other half is trying to stand them up. Alternate jobs.  This is one of the few games I don’t prefer to use dome cones.


  • Mid-line Steal


  • This game can be played with any piece of equipment, but I prefer bean bags. Place the bean bags on the half court line. Place each team on opposite base lines of the gym.


  • Each team will run to the center to grab 1 bean bag per player and put it behind their base line.  Then they can go back for more bean bags.


  • Once the bean bags are behind the line, they can’t be touched by the other team.


  • Players are not allowed to throw the bean bags.


  • Tip: This is a great game to play with soccer balls. You can allow stealing, as long as the ball is on the field.  Once a player dribbles a ball into their goal it’s safe. Sometimes 1 ball is left and it turns into a scrimmage.


  • Hectic


  • Place 1 team in each of the four corners of the gym or field.  Each team has a hula hoop.  Place bean bags or whatever sport your working on such as footballs, basketballs etc…


  • Once the game begins the first person in line will run to the middle of gym and grab 1 bean bag. Their entire team may steal bean bags once the first player gets back with the first bean bag.


  • Player may take bean bags from the middle or steal from the other teams.  Players may only have 1 bean bag in their hand at a time and now throwing.  Note: I allow throwing with footballs.


  • Nutrition relay

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  • Place 1 team in each corner of the gym.  Put food cards with nutrition facts/picture in the center of the gym. Place 3 hoops in the center of the gym.


  • Each player in this relay must run around all 3 hoops, than to the center and grab a food card and decide if it’s high, medium or low in sugar.  Next they need to place the food card in the correct hoop.


  • Note: :You can do this with fats, carbs, calories etc…


  • Note: It’s a great teaching moment at the end of each round to check the hoops and discuss what foods were put in each hoop.


  • Option: You can penalize for wrong answers, but I usually discuss mistakes after each round.  I do this with as young as 2nd grade.



  • Follow The Leader (Shadow Drill)


  • Great with soccer or basketball, but it could be used without equipment. Soccer:  If your partner speeds up you speed up.  Your partner traps you trap.  If your partner cuts left you cut left etc.., then switch leaders.



  • Who’s Number Is It


  • With a partner, go to the center of the gym face each other.  All the players on the left side of the gym are give the #1 and all the players on the other side of the gym are #2.


  • When the coach calls your number, you attempt to tag your partner before they reach the baseline behind them.


  • Variation: When your number is called, you’re not the tagger.


  • You have many other variations such as having the kids get on their knees, back to back, head to head lying down, use your creativity.


  • Keep it up


  • Place each campers in groups 4-8 and let them see how many times they can hit the beach ball/volleyball in the air without doing a double hit.  I allow double hits for younger campers. I highly recommend a 16″ beach ball when playing this game or volleyball game with a net.  A smaller ball is harder to hit and a bigger ball is more difficult to hold when serving.


Additional warm ups


Aerobic Warm Up

I wouldn’t call this warm-up fun, but you can teach it to your campers/students and they can lead the class.  The leading part is what they enjoy.


10 knee hugs


10 mountain climbers 



10 running strides(In Place)



5 burpees (I just do the jumping part with my students and call them stars)



Jumping Jacks Or Air Jacks as in the picture (Higher Difficulty)


If you feel the need to cover yourself with stretches here are some stretching ideas.

Calf stretch:


Thigh stretch: Can be done lying on your side.  Easier for kids balance.



Butterfly stretch:



Shoulder stretch: 









I hope you enjoyed the information.  Please feel free to leave a question or comment below.

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  1. Les Trow

    Don’t have kids but it seems like very good info.
    I liked the stretching and warm up exercises and might do a similar post on my site.


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