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Fun Volleyball Games-Beginners


I will show you a bunch of fun volleyball games for beginners, but also some higher level games to challenge you campers/students.


Floater Volleyball

Equipment: 1 net and 1 floater ball

Age: 4-8 yrs (Pre-K- 2nd, maybe 3rd)

Don’t worry about the score.  Just throw the ball up and watch the kids have a blast.

Tip: The floater balls don’t have a bladder, so you’ll need to fill them up with air every 5-10 minutes, but if you have a strong pump, it will only take about 30 seconds to a minute to get it filled again.


Modified Volleyball


Equipment: 1 Net, 1 beach ball 10-16″


Age: 7 yrs – 14yrs (2nd-8th grade)


  • Allow unlimited hits by one team.


  • Let the players double or triple hit, but a player can NOT set themselves for a spike.


  • Put the net low enough so most of the kids can spike (BEING ABLE TO SPIKE IS EXCITING)


Tip: I drilled extra holes into my volleyball poles, so I could have a huge variety of heights to make it challenging, but low enough for spiking.  My campers/students don’t just learn a serve, bump and set.  They learning the process of working up to a spike and the timing of a block.


  • Allow the kids to make contact with the net within reason.


  • Teammates should be allowed to help the servers serve make it over the net.


Tip: Below 10 years of age I recommend a row rotation.  Front row to back, back to middle and middle to front.  If you choose this style you will need to move kids around every so often, because although they will rotate rows, some kids will be stuck on the ends of the court and get less action.


  • Backward S rotation for 10 yrs (4th grade) and above is fine. Front row moves right, middle row left and back row right.  Server rotates to the front left.


  • Play games up to 11 points.  Shut-outs 5-0 to avoid one team losing for a long period of time.


Blind Volleyball


Equipment: 1 net, 1 beach ball and a few tarps or bed sheets/towels, parachute (whatever you can find)


Age: Any age depending on the ball you choose.


  • Play any rules you prefer such as the rules in the above game.


  • Place the parachute or whatever you use to cover the net enough so the teams can’t see the upper body of their opponents.


Note: Kids will peak under the net at times, but it’s all in fun and they can’t peak too long because they must be ready for the ball when it comes over the net.


No Net Volleyball (Higher Skill Level)


Equipment: 1 ball preferably something not to heavy with a bounce to it. Over blown trainer volleyball or kick ball.


Ages: 10 yrs & up (4th grade & up)


Variations: This game could be played on a full volleyball court with 12 v 12 or smaller versions of 4 v4, 2 v 2.  Many options with this game.


Note: You may use lines in the gym for your court, or liquid lines,shoe polish, poly spots etc….




  • The ball must bounce once before any player strikes the ball.


  • Variation: Decide if you want under hand serves only, depending on the skill level of the players.


Tip: Remind campers/students to use the volleyball skills they’ve been taught such as bumping and setting.


Tip: I recommend no larger than 8 vs 8 with two rows of 4.


I’ve Never played no net volleyball with a beach ball, but it may work.  Here is a video of some adults having a blast!


Soccer Volleyball


Equipment: 1 net, volleyball, soccer ball, kick ball, trainer volleyball (Preference and skill level come into play)


Age: 10 yrs & up (4th grade & up)


  • Allow for a bounce before ball is struck.


  • Lower net to skill level of players.


  • All other volleyball rules may apply and/or modify where you see fit.


Note: As a soccer coach this game is a great change of pace.  Also fun on rainy days or as a reward for your players. My u15 players love this game.


Wally Ball


Equipment: Volleyball or trainer and you’ll need a racquetball court to play correctly.


Grades: 5th-12th


  • Tip: Just like all of my camp and phys. ed. classes I allow contact with the net within reason.  Below are a list of rules.  Wally ball has many rules, just like a strict volleyball game, but unless it’s an intense volleyball camp, there should be flexibility in your rules to increase enjoyment for the kids.


  • Service area is simply back corner of the court.


  • Game ends at 11 points, must win by 2 points.


  • The ball is allowed to hit the ceiling on your side of the net, once if it crosses over the net after hitting the ceiling, your team loses the volley.


  • Ceiling and back wall on own side is in bounds if own player touches it.


  • The ball is allowed to hit more than 1 wall on your side of the net.  If the ball hit’s more than wall on your opponents side than it would be a point for their team.


  • I always allow double hits, but a player can’t set themselves.


  • Allow unlimited hits with 5th-8th.


  •  A player is allowed to hit the ball off their own back wall.


  • Contacting two or more walls is allowed only by the team in possession of the ball on their own side, provided a player on that team touches the ball first. The ball must also be touched by another player before going over on multiple wall hit.


  •  Holding, pushing, scooping, lifting or carrying the ball is not allowed, it must be a clean hit.


  • Blocks don’t count as hits.  Blocking or attacking a serve is legal.


4 Square Volleyball


Equipment: 1 beach ball and a 4 square court


Grades: 4th-8th


  • You may want to make the 4 square court a little larger than a normal court, but you may use your own judgement.  You may have to experiment a little bit.


  • I prefer the boxes to be 6 x 6 feet.


  • No spiking. The ball must go straight or upward.


  • The ball must be served to box #2.


  • You can play lines in or out, whatever you prefer.  I favor lines in, because it’s tougher to get out.


  • Option: Allow double hits.


  • For the most part, you’re playing similar rules to 4 squares with a rubber ball.


CLICK HERE  for other modified games. Soccer, Hockey, basketball etc….


I hope you enjoyed these activities.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.




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