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Fun Softball Games

There are so many different fun softball games that you can play with your Physical Education class.  The following softball games can all be played as baseball version.


Base Relay

Grades: 2nd-8th


Equipment: Bases, Wrist bands or Pinnies and Ball. NOTE: In all of the following games I always use a soft (softball).


  • Simply line up each teach up against the back stop. 


  • One player from each team line up on home plate.


  • On go, the players will run all of the bases. When they return to home plate a teammate will be waiting for a tag to repeat the process.


  • First team to finish, wins the game.


  • TIP: Use separate bases for each team to avoid collisions.


  • Every other race, change direction of the race. Run to 3rd base first.



Home Run Derby

Grades: 2nd-8th


Equipment: Bat, ball, bases and Wrist bands or Pinnies.


  • Teacher should pitch.  I prefer an underhand gentle pitch right over the plate, but you always have the option for an overhand baseball pitch.


  • TIP: You can let you students pitch once they reach 4th grade, but if you as the teacher pitches, the players will get more chances at bat.


  • Fielding team needs to retrieve the ball and get in straight line and just like the OVER AND OVER RELAY, they need to pass the ball over their head until it gets to the last player.


  • The base runner will receive a run for their team if they get home, before the fielding team completes the passes.


  • OPTION: The base runner receives a point for every base they touch until the passes are completed by the fielding team.  I prefer this option.


  • After every batter hits, than switch.


Modified Softball


Grades: 2nd-6th


Equipment: 1 bat, bases, ball and Wrist Bands or Pinnies.


  • No stealing, leading, sliding, bunting or tagging up.  I never play tagging up.  Too confusing for kids who don’t play on an organized team and tough to see as one teacher.


  • 4th-6th is capable of leading.  My students are only allowed to steal if a fielder attempts to get them out on a lead.  


  • They can only lead half way or less to the next base.


  • Everyone gets up.  Throw to catch on last batter to end the inning.


  • Option:  You can always play with 3 outs, but I like the everyone gets up rule.


  • If you play by the everyone gets up rule, make sure every other inning you reverse the batting order.  For example: If your’re playing 12 v 12 all the kids will have a number.  Player number 1 will bat first on odd innings and player 12 will bat first on even innings, with 11, 10, 9 etc… following.


  • Note: It’s not fun to be the last better every inning when you play this style.


Wacky Softball


Grades: 4th-12th


Equipment: Bat, ball, bases and Wrist bands or Pinnies.

  • 1st base is 3rd and 3rd base is first.  Another words, base runners will go the opposite direction after they hit the ball.


  • No foul balls will be called.   The ball can be hit anywhere.


  • Base runners are allowed to pass each other.


  • Allowed to have 3 runners on the same base at the same time.


  • Leading half way or less is allowed.  No stealing unless fielders attempt to get the leader out.


  • Everyone gets up to bat and throw home on the last batter. Option: play 3 outs.


  • Reverse batting order every other inning.


  • OPTION: Use an over sized ball.  

  • OPTION: Pitch with bounce.


6 base softball


Grades: 4th-8th


Equipment: 6 bases, bat, ball and wrist bands or pinnies.








  • Once pitcher per inning.


  • Everyone gets up.


  • 6 Outs.


  • No Stealing or sliding.


  • Leading half way or less is allowed.


  • Two base runners may be on the same base at the same time.


  • Base runners are allowed to pass each other.


  • Don’t use reverse order.  The players need a number for the first inning.


  • The batting order will get mixed up, because players can pass each other and some will get out faster than others.


  • When the 6th out occurs, the players in the dug out will be up first and the players on base will be up after them in the next inning. It get’s a little confusing, but the kids figure things out.


  • Variation: First base stays the same, but 2nd and 3rd are reversed.


  • Once a runner reaches 3rd base, they must run diagonally to 4th base in the far left corner of the field.


  • 5th base is in the far right corner of the field.


  • 5th base to home plate is a long diagonal run from the outfield across the pitchers mound. (Adds Excitement)


  • Remind players that the pattern is straight, diagonal, straight, diagonal, straight, diagonal.  Never two of the same in a row.


  • TIP: Don’t be overly concerned with players staying in the base line.  My Students/campers prefer this pattern of bases as opposed to the diagram above.


Two Base Softball

Grades: 3rd-8th


Equipment: 2 bases, 2 mats, bat, ball and wrist bands or pinnies.


  • Everyone gets up.


  • One pitcher per inning.


  • Home plate and 2nd base are normal bases, but 1st and 3rd base are gymnastic mats.


  • No leading or stealing. If the ball is not on the mound, runners can run.


  • Base runners must touch 2nd base and home plate, but the can only stop on 1st and 3rd.


  • There may be multiple runners are each base.


  • In order to score a point, the kicker must eventually run all the bases and return to 1st base.


  • Players are allowed to stop on 1st and 3rd whenever they want, for as long as they want.


  • Base runners may pass each other.


  • One runner may score multiple points.  They don’t go to the dug out after 1 point is scored.


  • 3-5 outs, depending on what you prefer.


  • TWO BASE TIP: If the batting team doesn’t have any batters, because they’re all on base, someone must get out on purpose to have another batter.


  • I don’t tell my students this tip.  I let them figure it out.


You can play most of these games with KICK BALL.


Pinky Ball Softball



Equipment: 1 pinky ball, bases and pinnies or wrist bands.


Grades: 3rd-8th


  • The pitcher will pitch an underhand toss with the pinky ball and the batter will hit it with their hand.


  • 6 outs.


  • No pegging.


  • Everyone gets up and everyone pitches. #1 pitches to #1, #2 pitches to #2 and so on.


  • Catcher must step on home with the ball on the last batter.


  • Last batter will run all the way home, until the ball reaches home.


  • Reverse batting order every other inning.


  • Pinky ball softball can be used in many above version.




5 minute softball drills




  • Groups of 2. 


  • Partner stand approximately 20-30 ft apart.  One partner rolls the ball and the other partner attempts to move their body so the all rolls between their legs.


  • Same drill, but now instead of letting the ball go thru the legs, the player will use a glove or hand to retrieve the grounder. 




  • Groups of 2.


  • Each partner stands 10 feet apart and bounce a (soft) softball or whiffle ball to the partner at the same time.


  • They must attempt to catch the bounce pass with 1 hand.  2 if needed.


  • Same drill with a grounder.




  • Groups of 4.


  • One Catcher, one batter, one pitcher and one fielder.


  • Rotation: Fielder to pitcher, pitcher to batter, batter to catcher and catcher to fielder.


  • OPTION:  Batter must run around pitchers mound and back to the plate, before the ball returns to the pitcher.


Hope you enjoyed these games! I’m always looking for more and I’d love to hear from you.  Feel free to leave a comment or question below.

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