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Fun Lacrosse Games Kids


Innovative Lacrosse games for kids 4th thru 8th grade.



Scooping Tips


  • Scrape your knuckles. Push stick under and through the ball by pushing bottom hand through.


  • Run through the scoop and begin cradling


  • Kiss your stick. Raise head of your stick to vertical position in front of your face.


Cradling Tips


  • Opposing grip. Palm down for bottom hand.


  • Head of stick almost upright near shoulder and ear.


  • Both hands work together to rotate the stick back and forth to keep the ball in the pocket.



Basic Drills


  • Scoop stationary ball.


  • Scoop moving ball.


  • Have a partner roll the ball and scoop.


  • Run thru and scoop when partner rolls.


  • Stand still while cradling.


  • Walk while cradling.


  • Jog while cradling.


  • Sprint while cradling.


  • Walk, jog and sprint while cradling, pivot and cut right and left.


  • Same process, but finish with a shot at the goal and/or rebounder. 


  • Throwing and catching/scooping off a wall or rebounder.



Cradle Relay



Equipment: Pinky ball or ball of choice, lacrosse sticks and cones.


  • Depending on the size of your class, set up approximately 5 teams of 5 behind a designated cone.


  • The first player in each line must run while cradling the ball from one end of the gym and back to their team.


  • 1st race: When a player returns to their team, they will simply dump the ball into their teammates stick.


  • 2nd race: Returning player will roll the ball as the near their team and the next player will scoop it up.


  • 3rd race: A bounce pass will be made from the half court line when returning to their teammates.


  • 4th race: An actual throw will be made from the half court line with no bounce.  




Equipment: Cones, poly spots(or lines on your gym floor), pinky ball (or ball of choice) 


  • Have a competition with your class.


  • Each player will throw the ball with their stick up against the wall and attempt to catch it off 1 bounce.


  • Step one step back after every successful catch.


  • VARIATION: Break the class into teams of approximately 5, depending on the size of your class.  The first player in line will go behind the designated line (or poly spots) facing their team.


  • If the first player, successfully catches the ball, they will hand the ball to the next player in line and the player that just threw the ball will go to the first line.


  • Once everyone on the team has successfully caught the ball from the first line, they will sit.  First team to finish wins. 10 feet distance is a good start.


  • 2nd race from 20 feet, 3rd race 30 feet.


  • OPTION: allowed to catch off a bounce and/or scoop.


Keep Away


Equipment: Pinnies or wrist bands and Pinky ball, sticks, arm/elbow pads and gloves.


  • If your class size permits, break them up into 6 teams and separate your class into the sections with cones.


  • Now you will have 3 games of keep away being played at the same time.


  • If a team makes 5 passes and catches without a drop or interception, they’ll receive 1 point.


  • Players with the ball, may run but only hold it for 5 seconds or lose possession.




Two Base Lacrosse



Equipment: Lacrosse sticks, Pinky ball or lacrosse ball and Two mats.


  • Two options for mat placement: 1st choice, place 1 mat where home plate would be and the other where 2nd base would be.  2nd choice, place 1 mat under your basketball basket and the 2nd straight ahead 3/4 up the basketball court.


  • 1 player at a time will use their lacrosse stick to throw the ball into the field.


  • Once the ball is thrown into the field, they must run to the far mat and back before the fielding team throws the ball into the front wall.


  • OPTION: Fielding team must throw the ball to their catcher. NOTE: Rotate catchers after every thrower.



  • Every one get’s up before switching teams.


  • VARIATION: This can be played just like MAT BALL.  In another words, when a player get’s back to the 1st mat, they’re not finished.


  • Runners may earn points every time they return to the first mat and the throwing team can have multiple players on each mat.


  • 3 ways to get runners out. 1st: If they’re tagged with the ball (NO PEGGING).  2nd: Any runners that decide to run on a throw will get out if a fielder throws the ball and hits the front wall before they reach the mat. NOTE: Once a player leaves the mat, they must commit to running. 3rd: Throw to a teammate and they catch the pass and proceed to step on the mat.


  • When the last thrower get’s up, you can end the inning by having the fielding team pass to everyone in the field.  The players on the mats can score points until the passes are complete.


  • OPTION: Play 3-6 outs.


End Zone Rescue



Equipment: Pinnies or wrist bands, pinky ball(or ball of choice) and sticks.


  • Break up each team into 2 groups.  Half of the group on half of the basketball court and the other half on the other side of the gym off of the basketball court.


  • The same will be done for the other team.


  • The team on the court has two jobs.  They’re attempting to throw the balls into the end zone of the their teammates for a successful catch and they’re trying to block the end zone players on the other team from catching a pass.


  • Players on the court may not enter the end zone and end zone players may not enter the court.


  • If a end zone player catches a pass, they will join their teammates on the court.


  • First team to save all of their end zone players will win the game.


  • Start a new game and switch end zone and field players.


  • OPTION: Allow end zone player’s to be saved 2 ways. The we already stated and if a end zone player passes a ball to their field player and the field player catches their pass.


  • VARIATION: Instead of rescuing end zone players with a caught ball, they will simply earn a point for a successful catch.  


  • Play 5 minute rounds and the team with the most points will win that round.  Rotate players after each round.


Sideline Lacrosse



CLICK HERE to see a video of this game.


Equipment: Pinnies or Wrist bands, sticks, pinky ball, arm/elbow pads, gloves and cones.


  • Place each team on opposite base lines of the the basketball court and the ball in the center of the gym.


  • 4 cones will go on the corners of the court.


  • All players will have a stick.


  • Each player will be give a number.


  • Call 3 numbers at a time.


  • The players that are called will play the field and the remaining players will all be goalies.


  • First player to the ball in the center, must touch it with the head of the stick before they scoop it.


  • Object of the game is to roll or bounce throw the ball past the base line of the other team between the cones and below the shoulders.


  • Players may intercept or block passes, but no checking or stick to stick contact.


  • NO direct throws into the goal.  Must be a roll or bounce.


  • Set a crease line 10 feet from the base line (goal).



I hope you enjoyed these games.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.

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