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Fun Hula Hoop Games Kids Play


Here you learn a variety of fun hula hoop games that kids play and more.  You can use these games at summer camp, phys. ed. class, parties & home.




EQUIPMENT: Hoops only




  • Spin on waist or arm.


  • Roll for distance.  Option: All players wait for hoops to finish rolling or chase after them immediately.


  • Roll & switch hoops with any hoop that comes your way.


  • Twirl hoop so it spins in one place like a top.


  • Back spin hoop back to you.


  • Roll & Dive thru. I recommend using mats.


  • Toss in air and catch off bounce.  Option: No bounce.


  • Musical hula hoops.


  • Musical hula hoop variation: Players must put the correct body part in the hoop that you call out.  Right foot, left hand, etc…


  • Hula hoop jump roping (3rd grade & up)


  • Hula Hoop Team building. Everyone stands in a circle holding hands.  Players must get the hoop around the circle without breaking hands.  Option: Make more than one team and have a race.


  • Toss for distance: You can do this as a team race or just individual practice.  Players start behind a line and attempt to toss a bean bag in a hula hoop from a close distance.   Each successful toss will allow the player to move the hoop further back each time.


  • Roll Tag: Taggers will be given a hula hoop.  They can roll the hoop into other players to make a tag.  If a player is tagged they must perform the designated exercise to get back into the game. (Jumping jacks, planks, wall seats, push-ups, etc….


  • Roll Tag option: Players are frozen just like freeze tag until another player gives them a high five.




  • Each team lines up behind a designated cone. 


  • One player starts on the far end of the gym behind another cone for each team.


  • The player that is alone, starts the race by running down with a hula hoop and brings one teammate back with him.


  • Now the player that was rescued, will now run back and save a teammate.


  • The game is over when all of the team is rescued.




  • Each player for all teams stand in their hoop.


  • The last player in line, must stand in his teammates hoop in order to pick up his hoop and pass it to the first person in line.


  • This process repeats until they reach the designated finish line.




  • Each team lines up behind the designated cone.  They have 1 hula hoop and 1 bean bag.


  • The first player in line can toss the hoop as far or close as they want from their team.  The first player in line will now attempt to toss a bean bag in the hoop.


  • If they miss the hoop, the next person in line will make the same attempt but their not allowed to move the hoop.


  • If the bean bag lands successfully in the hoop, the next person in line will run to the hoop and toss it as far or close as they prefer and attempt to toss the bean bag in the hoop.


  • The first team to do this successfully and reach the other side of the gym, wins the game.





Each team lines up behind the designated cone.


  • In front of each team is a straight line of 4 hula hoops with a basketball in each hoop.


  • The hoops are spread out approximately 10-15ft apart.


  • The first person in line runs to the first ball, picks it up, dribbles to the next hoop, puts it in & takes out the new ball. This process continues all the way to the end and back to the beginning.


  • Once this is complete, the next teammate in line will do the same.


  • If a ball accidentally rolls out of a hoop, the team is allowed to make their teammate aware, but only the player going thru the course can  fix the balls.




  • Set up four rows of 4.


  • 3 teams behind a designated line or cone.


  • Object is to get 4 bean bags in a row.


  • One player at a time will drop a bean bag in a hoop.


  • Rules, players can drop one of their bean bags in a hoop or move one of their bean bags or move one of their opponents bean bags. NOTE:  players can only choose one of these options each time it’s their turn.





  • Each team is lined up behind their designated cone.  Approximately 20 feet away each team has 3 bowling pins in front of them.


  • One teammate starts behind the bowling pin.  Their job is to get the hula hoop when it’s rolled and bring it back to the next person in line. (running)


  • The first player in line attempts to roll and knock down 1 or more of their bowling pins.


  • The player that rolled the hoop must now stand behind the pins and stand any up that were knocked down.


  • Each team will receive a point for every pin knocked down on each roll.


  • OPTION: Kick the hoop instead of rolling. Tip: I recommend only using 1 pin.  Use 3 pins when rolling, because it will increase success.



  • Two teams, each team on opposite sides of the gym.


  • Multiple hula hoops can be set up in any pattern you choose running from one end of the gym to the other.


  • The first person in line run, hops or jumps in each hoop until they reach the player on the other team.


  • Once the players meet each other, they perform rock, paper, scissor.


  • The proceeds to run, hop or jump thru the hoops and the next person on line on the other team will run, hop or jump until they meet the winner of the other team.


  • This process occurs until one team makes it all the way across.


Gobble up


Each team is placed behind a designated cone.


  • Hula hoops are spread all throughout the gym.  


  • First player in line runs to any hoop they wish.  The first player in line throws the bean bag to the player that ran into a hoop.


  • If the bean bag is caught, that player may bring the hula hoop back to their team.


  • This process continues until  there are no more hoops left.


  • Team with the most hoops wins the game.


  • OPTION: You can use footballs, deck rings, foam softballs or soccer balls.


  • Soccer balls an be used with a kick on the ground.



Hope you enjoyed the games! Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.

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