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Birthday Parties

Fun Birthday Party Games-For Kids


You might be wondering why there is a post about birthday party games on a site about multi-sports camps.  The answer is simple and that is because many of the games/activities that I teach can be done at parties.  I know this because I actually run games at birthday parties all the time as a side job. I want you to bring in good income from your camp, but you can add  to that income with birthday parties.




Below is the waiver I use when doing birthday parties.  Feel free to make it your own.


WAIVER: I represent that I am the parent or legal guardian of the Participant(s) and/or obtained

permission from the parent/legal guardian of the Participant(s) to execute this agreement on their

behalf. I understand that there are risks associated with participation in the activities that Mr. Lisbona

teaches. I agree for myself and the participants to not hold liable the owner Michael J. Lisbona &

Lisbona Soccer & All Sports LLC, from any and all injuries, liabilities or damages from participation. By

signing this form I acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions of this waiver for myself and the


PARENT/LEGAL GUARDIAN SIGNATURE_______________________________________


You don’t need to have a LLC, but I added that in there since my camp is a LLC.  You don’t need to turn your camp into a LLC either, but after having it for a number of year’s some parents would ask for my EIN # for their own tax purposes. I usually only have about 5 parents a summer that ask for it, so it’s not necessary.




 If you have access to a gym or field than by all means use that for your party location.  Most schools won’t be available for use, nor do they want to deal with the insurance liability after school hours.


I tell the parents to pick the location and I will bring the fun.  I’ve done many parties in backyards, parks and the community recreation center.  If their backyard is big enough it will save them money, so they don’t have to pay for the location and your entertainment.


TIP: Always check out the location prior to the party, so you know how much space you have.  In my experience, the parents almost always exaggerate the amount of space they have.


TIP: Insist on running the games/activities at the beginning of the party.  Especially before they eat and have cake.  If they’re in a park they may stray to the play ground equipment early in the party and become disinterested in your activities and/or tired.


TIP: If dodge ball or tag is one of the game choices of your birthday boy/girl, I highly recommend playing this style of game first.  Reason being, kids will not all show up at the same time.  You can add them into dodge ball and tag very easily with little distraction.


TIP: Don’t offer obstacle courses unless you’re willing to carry and set up a lot of equipment.  I’M NOT!


Make sure you make it easy on yourself and bring an EQUIPMENT BALL BAG.


WHAT GAMES CAN THEY PLAY?: If you have access to the gym equipment, than you can play the majority of games you play at your camp and/or Physical Education class.


MUSIC: Bring you’re own BLUE TOOTH SPEAKER.  Kids will love it!


PRICING: It’s up to you, but I charge $175 for an hour of games, $250 for 1  1/2 hrs and $300 for 2 hrs. I was told that my prices are cheap.  Cost of living may come into play.


  • I don’t include set up and clean up as part of the hour.


  • I recommend starting a little low and than you can always increase your rates.


  • I’ve never had a request to do a 2 hours of games at a party, but it’s worth offering.  Any longer than that is too much.


TIP:  I Recommend 1 hour of games to parents with children of 6-8 yrs of age.  You can even offer 45 minutes to parents with children 4 & 5 years of age.  I personally no longer do parties for children under 6.


FINAL TIP: Always bring camp registration birthday forms and/or business card, camp website link to the party.  It’s a great way to promote your camp, especially if they’re from another town.  At the same time, make sure you have birthday forms available at your Summer Camp.



I hope you enjoyed this information.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.


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  1. Christine

    I was laughing when I was reading your information. I spent so much time trying to figure out what to do for my son’s birthday parties. He’s much older now but I wish I had this site back then. It’s hard to try to figure out things to do for a group of kids and to keep it fun and safe at the same time. I especially liked the 5 minute motivational games. Where were you 15 years ago:) I think the ideas in this site are very useful. I really liked where you targeted the question to ask in interviewing counselors. There are a lot of things today that we need to be aware of. I don’t have any young children anymore but I will definitely give this to my sister-in-law.

    • admin

      Thanks so much for your kind words! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post n I hop your sister-in-law law gets a lot of use out of it.  I started doing birthday parties just for a little extra cash but the demand is so high now that I stopped advertising just so I can have some. Weekends free lol


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