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Fun Badminton Games Kids


Creative drills and games for 2nd grade all the way thru 8th.





Equipment: Birdies & Pinnies or Wrist bands


Grades: 2nd-8th


  • 2  V 2 KEEP AWAY:  In a designated small area or half of a badminton court.  Passing with your hands.


  • If the birdie hits the ground or intercepted the other team will lose possession.


  • OPTION: Play with 3 teams or larger teams.


  • DIFFICULTY OPTION: Players in possession must be on opposite sides of the playing.  This limits their mobility.


  • MID-LINE STEAL: Place one team on each base line of the basketball court.


  • Place more birdies than players on the mid-line of your court.


  • On your signal, each player will run to the center and take one birdie at a time and place it behind their base line.


  • Once all of the birdies are taken from the mid-line, each team may steal birdies from the other team.


  • NOTE: Each player may only have one birdie in their hand at a time.


  • OPTION: Once birdies are behind the base line, they can’t be touched.


  • VARIATION: Throwing may be allowed, but if the birdie is dropped it goes back to the team in possession.  If a player is tagged on their opponents side, they must give back the birdie.


  • STEAL THE BIRDIE: Divide the class into two teams.  


  • All players must stay on a line in the gym at all time.


  • This is a keep away game.  Player may pass to each other.


  • If the birdie is dropped or intercepted the other team loses possession.


  • OPTION: Possession can be lost if a player is tagged while they have the birdie.


  • 1 V 1 STEAL THE BIRDIE:  Same rules as above, but players are only playing keep away from their partner.  Tag only, no passing.


Partner Work


Equipment: Buckets, boxes or hula hoops will work.  Rackets and birdies.


Grades: 2nd-5th



  • Place a bucket next to each partner.  


  • Distance should be age appropriate.   You can always increase the distance.


  • Object is for each partner to perform forehand and backhand serves into the buckets.


  • Partners can keep score.


  • VOLLEY COMPETITION: Each group can count how many volleys they have without letting the birdie hit the ground.  This can also be played in groups of 4, but it’s more of a keep it up style instead of a back and forth.





Equipment: Cones, rackets and birdies.


Grades: 2nd-5th


  • RELAY 1: Line up your entire class a designated line.


  • On your signal the class will underhand serve their birdie over and over until it hits the back wall of the gym.


  • Once the birdie hits the back wall, each student will grab their birdie and run to the start line.


  • RELAY 2: Same process as relay 1, but each student is hitting the birdie up in the air without letting it hit the ground as they move forward.


  • If the birdie hits the ground, they’ll simply pick it up and continue. OPTION: If the birdie hits the ground, the student must perform 5 push-ups before continuing.


  • RELAY 3: Same as relay 2, but you can place mini bowling pins randomly throughout the gym floor.  If a player knocks it over, they have to start over.  OPTION: They simply perform an exercise such as 5 push-up before continuing.


  • RELAY 4: Break your class into teams of 5.  Each team starts behind a designated cone.


  • The first player in line will hit the birdie upward as they move toward their cone on the far end of the gym and back to their team.


  • First team to finish and sit, will win the game.


  • Same as relay 4, but they must go in and out of cones while they strike the birdie upward.


  • Variation:  You can add a low balance beam and add a bucket they must hit the birdie in before proceeding. 




Clean Your Own Backyard



Equipment: Birdies and Rackets.


Grades: 2nd-5th


  • Separate the class into two teams with the half court line.


  • Spread out birdies all over the gym.  All players have their own racket.


  • On the music or your signal players may begin striking birdies onto the side of the other team.


  • Play 1-2 minute rounds.  The team with the least amount of birdies on their side, will win the game.


  • VARIATION: Play the same game with 4 teams.


Cool video of a long volley.


Hit & Run



Equipment: Cones, rackets, birdies (nets optional)


Grades: 4th-8th


  • VERSION 1: Set your class up in teams of 6.  3 players on each side the net, facing each other.


  • The first player in line serves to their teammate first in line on the other side of the net.


  • As soon as a player strikes the birdie, they run to the end of their line and sit.  First team finish their hits and sit, will win the game.


  • NOTE: If the birdie hits the ground, the team must start over or simply pick it up and continue.


  • VERSION 2: After a player hits the birdie, they run to the end of their line, but remains standing. The team that keeps their volley going for the longest amount of time will win this game. 


  • OPTION: After a player strikes the birdie they run to the other side of the net and go to the end of line.


No Net Badminton



Equipment: Rackets and 1 birdie per group.


Grades: 3rd-8th


  • Simply play with a court and a center line, but no net.


  • No spikes in this version.  The birdie must be hit upward.


  • Depending on the size of your class, you can play 2 v 2 or 3 v 3.  I recommend playing 1 player up and 2 back when you have a team of 3.


4 Corner Rotator



Equipment: Nets, rackets and birdies.


Grades: 4th-12th


  • Great way to play when you have a large class.


  • Set up 4 nets in each corner of your gym.


  • 2 players from each team will play on the court at one time.


  • Each player will be in for 2 rotations.


  • Every 30 seconds to a minute, you yell out rotate and the player in for two rotations will rotate to the end of the line and the first person in line will come in.


  • Play does not stop on a rotation.


  • VARIATION: After a player strikes the birdie, they must immediately rotate out and a new player in. (7TH & 8TH GRADE ONLY).


TIP: Net’s with less width will allow to set up more games with your class.


CLICK HERE to check out a new version of modified badminton.


Monkey In The Middle

Grades: 3rd-8th


Equipment: Rackets & Birdies


  • Groups of 3, each with a racket.


  • One Player in the Center.


  • Player in the center will attempt to steal the birdie while the other two players volley the birdie.


  • OPTION:  Play with 2 players on each end and 2 players in the center for a total of 6.


  • Scoring:  Not really necessary to keep score in this game, but you can give a point to each team when the volley 6 strikes with an interception.


Badminton Tournament



Grades: 3rd-12th


Equipment: Rackets, birdies and nets.


  • Depending on the size of your gym, you can set up 6 thin courts with a 2 v 2 or 3 v 3 games.


  • Note: Place 1 player up front and 2 in the back.


  • No set score to win.  Play music and players on the far side always rotate and players on the near side stay at the same court.


  • Game ends when the music stops.  5-10 minute games.


  • Each team should keep track of their losses only.  Classmates will keep each other honest.


  • As the tournament progresses, start matching up undefeated teams and 1 loss teams.  This will automatically start to match up the less skilled teams.


  • Keep this process going until you end up with 1 undefeated team.



  • Doesn’t matter if it’s a tournament or just some friendly games.


  • Allow multiple hits by one or both players in a 2 v 2 game.


  • 5th and above get good and setting and spiking as in volleyball, but of course you can take the set and spike away.


  • All players serve 1 time in a row, even if they win the volley.  Allow over and underhand serves.


I hope you enjoyed these games.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.

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