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Physical Education

Fun Activity Health Class


Make health class fun! Turn your class into a gymnasium or even better, bring them into the gym and teach your lesson.






Equipment: 3 hoops 4 cones and food cards or bean bags


Grades: 2nd-8th




  • Place 4 teams in the corners of the gym behind a cone.


  • 3 hula hoops will be placed in the center of the gym.


  • In each hoop you will place a sign.  One hoop will have a sign stating “low sugar”, the other “medium sugar” and “high sugar”


  • The center of the gym between the hoops you will lay out a variety of different FOOD CARDS.


  • On the teachers signal, the first person in line will run around all 3 hoops and than go to the center to grab a food card.


  • Once a player has a food card, they must determine which hoop to place the card.  Once they place the card in the correct hoop they will tag their next teammate to repeat the process.


  • TIP: If a player struggles with their decision, they may ask their team for help or choose another food card.


  • First team to finish wins.


  • NOTE: If a team keeps placing food cards in the incorrect hoop, you may penalize them.


  • After each round its a time to review the choices the players made and teach about nutrition.


  • TIP: This game can teach about other areas such as fat, protein, carbs, bones, muscles and more….



Equipment: 4 hoops & food cards or bean bags


Grades: 2nd-8th


  • Place all of the food cards behind a designated line on one end of the gym.


  • Each team will stand behind a hula hoop on the opposite side of the gym from the food cards.


  • On the teachers signal, one player from each team will grab a food card and place it in the hoop of their team.


  • Whichever team gathers the most balanced meal in the fastest time, wins the game.


  • Use your best judgement for the length of each race.  Approximately 2 minutes each round.




Equipment: Poly spots (With a letter), various foods on food cards or bean bags with food on them or fake pieces of food and 4 buckets or hoops.


Grades: K-2nd


  • Place each team each team behind a bucket.


  • Spread out the poly spots all over the gym.


  • Give each team the same amount of food cards or bean bags.


  • On the signal, one player from each team will place the BEAN BAG (FOOD) on the correct poly spot.  For example: If they have a banana, the player must place it on the poly spot with the letter “B”.


  • First team to empty their bucket wins the game.


  • Option: Don’t make it a competition.  Just let the kids empty their bucket with making it a race.





Equipment: Food cards or Bean bags and buckets or hula hoops


Grades: K-5th


  • Place 1-3 food monsters in the center of the gym.


  • All other players start behind a designated line on one end of the gym.


  • Spread the food cards or bean bags all over the gym.


  • Buckets or hoops will be placed on the opposite side of gym.


  • Each bucket will be labeled with fruits/vegetables, desserts, dairy etc…


  • Players must grab a bean bag or food card and place it in the correct bucket without being tagged.


  • After they place a bean bag in a bucket they receive a free walk back to the other side.  The free walk back players will walk down the side line.


  • If a player is tagged, they become a food monster.


  • OPTION: Place food buckets on both sides of the gym and take away free walk backs.  Players must place food cards or bean bags in the bucket on the opposite side of the gym.





Equipment: Rolling cart or mini shopping cart or large scooter and food cards or bean bags and 4 cones.


Grades: 2nd-8th


  • Each team is placed behind a designated cone with their shopping cart.


  • Bean bags or food cards are placed all over the gym.  You can place them on the floor, bleachers or make shift shelves.


  • Each team is given a grocery list.


  • The first player in each line will search for 1 item at a time and place it in their cart.  Once they do this they will return to their team and this process will continue until the list is complete.


  • First team to finish wins.


  • OPTION: Require each team to shop for a healthy meal.


  • OPTION: Each team is given a different food group to fill up their food cart or all proteins, all carbohydrates etc….




Equipment: 8 buckets, 4 sets of wrist bands or pinnies, food cards or bean bags


Grades: K-5th


  • 4 Players hold buckets with different foods inside.


  • 4 other players use  wrist bands or pinnies to indicate they’re the taggers.


  • If a player is tagged, they must reach into a bucket without looking.  If they receive junk food they must put it in the junk food bucket placed on the floor and perform an exercise before they can get back into the game.


  • If a player chooses something healthy, they will place it in the correct bucket on the floor but they will not be required to do an exercise.


 I hope you enjoyed these games!  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.

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