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Fortnite Games


Bring Fortnite Games to life in your Summer Camp, Physical Education Class or Birthday Party.


Fortnite Dodge Ball


Equipment: Dodge Balls, Barriers and Pinnies or Wrist Bands.


Grades: 2nd-8th


  • DUOS VERSION: Break up the class into team’s of 2.  



  • Place all of your dodge balls in the center of your gym.


  • All Duo’s must find an open space in the gym outside of a the designated area of dodge balls.


  • When a player has a ball in their hand, they may only take 3 steps.


  • Players are allowed to dribble a ball with their feet as much as they prefer and then pick the ball up when needed and use their 3 steps.


  • At NO time can players bounce the ball like a basketball or run and drop it over and over to avoid 3 steps while holding it.


  • If a player is out, they must sit in the designated are of your choice.


  • When a ball is caught, the thrower is out and the player that caught the ball may bring their partner back into the game, if they’re out.


  • Last team standing win’s the game.


  • Players are out with your choice of dodge ball rules.  CLICK HERE if you would like to see 28 different versions of dodge ball including my rules of choice.


  • OPTION: Add barrier’s throughout the gym, that players can use for protection.  Anything will do, such as ball carts, mats, etc…


  • NOTE: Players will learn to form alliances.  This is up to you, if you want to allow it.  Eventually they will have to betray each other to win the game.


  • SQUADS VERSION: Break your class into groups of  4-6 players.



  • Place all your dodge balls in the center of your gym.


  • All Squads must begin outside of your basketball court or designated area.


  • All the above Duo rules apply to squads.


  • NOTE: Pinnies are optional.  The kids will know who their teammates are.  


  • VARIATION: When a player is a hit by a squad, they must join that squad.


  • You must use pinnies when you play the variation that players hit, must join the squad that hit them.


  • When a player is hit, they must put on the correct color pinnie of the team that hit them.  


  • Players that are putting on a pinnie, can NOT be hit until 5 seconds after they put on the pinnie.  This will give them time to join their new team.


  • 50 V 50 VERSION: In this version you can divide your camp or class into two or 3 teams. 



  • Each team will have their own Fort.  OPTION: Give the 5 minutes to build their own fort with supplies you provide.


  • Supplies: Mats, ball carts,tarps, etc….

  • In this version players are allowed unlimited steps when holding a ball.


  • OPTION: When players are hit, they must join the the team that struck them.  Pinnies may be stored in their fort, so a newly joined player can put on the pinnie in safety.


  • Each team will start with a certain amount of dodge balls.  Other dodge balls may be spread throughout the gym.


  • Even though each team will have their own fort, you may place other barriers throughout the gym, that either team may use.


  • TIP:  If you feel the some of your classes are hiding in their fort too long, you can use a designated word which will force all team’s out of their fort for a certain length of time.  


I hope you enjoyed these games.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.

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