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I want to thank my 5th grade students for giving me some great ideas to incorporate Fortnite into our Physical Education Class.




Equipment: Dodge Balls & Deck Rings


Grades: 1st-6th grade


  • In this dodge ball game there are no teams.  


  • Everyone is free to go anywhere in the gym.


  • Players are only allowed to take 3 steps when holding a ball.


  • A player may dribble a ball with their feet in order to get closer to their opponent and then pick it up with their 3 allowed steps.


  • When a player is hit they may revive by getting down on 1 knee and performing a football false start motion for 10 seconds.


  • The second time a player is hit they’re out, unless they found a med kit (Deck ring).  I throw a few deck rings into the game after it begins.


  • A med kit can only be used once, so after it is used the player must place it in the designated container.


  • A large cage ball can be rolled into a player to represent a grenade. 


  • NO alliances!  It’s easy to notice if players are working together.  If they’re standing next to each other and not throwing, the player with the ball will be out.


  • When a player is out, they should raise their hand so they’re not mistaken for a player still in the game and sit in the designated out area.


  • Players are out when: They’re hit, throw is caught, tell someone they’re out, head shot (player hit is still out).  Must be a direct hit.


  • TIP: If a player is hit, the thrower and the player hit is out.  In the past I had a rule that the thrower would not be out if the other player ducked.  When I did this, the kids would argue if it was considered a duck.  This solves the problem and there’s still no motivation to hit someone in the head.




Equipment: Dodge Balls & Deck Rings



  • Players are partnered up into pairs.  If you have an extra player, make them a group of 3.


  • This game is played just like solo’s with a few adjustments. 


  • If a partner has the med kit and their partner is down with a hit, they may bring the med kit to them for revival.  A partner has 10 seconds to get to their partner and revive.


  • I recommend using 3 deck rings of the same color to be used as a med kit.


  • Use 1 deck ring of a different color.  Add this deck ring half way into the game.  If a player finds this deck ring, they may save their partner who is already sitting out.


  • OPTION: Add barriers randomly throughout the gym.  Anything will work, such as ball carts, mats, etc…




Equipment: Dodge balls, deck rings and barriers.


  • This game is played just like duo’s, but now each team is in a group of 4.  


  • If you have an odd amount of players, you can make a group of 3 or 5.  


  • OPTION: Add barriers randomly throughout the gym.  Anything will work, such as ball carts, mats, etc…


50 v 50


Equipment: Dodge Balls & pinnies.



  • Hopefully you’re not teaching 100 students, but you can play 10 v 10 or 20 v 20, etc… Another words split the class in half.


  • The game may start out looking like traditional dodge ball.  As the game progresses, both teams will begin to spread out on all sides of the gym.


  • 3 TEAM OPTION: Allowing 3 teams to go anywhere in the gym will make things interesting. 


  • Remember both versions of 50 v 50 can be played very similar to squads.


  • You can add barriers randomly throughout the gym.


  • 3 yellow deck rings to revive teammates and 1 red deck ring to revive a teammate already sitting out.  You may want to add more deck rings when playing this version.


  • OPTION: Add a jail.  Instead of a player sitting out, they must go to the designated jail of the opposing team.


  • Two ways to set a player free from jail.  They’re tagged out with a high five or a ball is thrown to them and they make the catch.


CLICK HERE to check out another dodge ball version of FORTNITE.

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