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Many skills in Soccer can be taught, but dribbling/footwork is one of those things that a player must be willing to put the time in on their own.  I will give a variety of drills that can be practiced on your own and other’s will small & large groups.


In & out of cones



  • Use all sides of your feet and both feet.


  • Dominant foot only.


  • Non-dominant foot only.


  • Toe down, with front of one foot only.


  • Inside and outside of right foot only.  Same with left.


Fast & Slow


  • In this drill you’re speed dribbling between two cones approximately 30 yards apart.


  • At about the half way point, slow down and then speed up again.


  • This is a great technique to throw off defenders when attacking.


Juke Moves



  • Dribble toward a flag, cone, tree and cut left.


  • Cut right.


  • Step left, but go right.


  • Step right, but go left.


  • Roll ball to left with right foot, stop ball and go right.


  • Roll ball to right with left foot, stop ball and go left.


  • Open hips left and go right. Use left foot to push the ball to the right.


  • Open hips right and go left. Use right foot to push the ball to the left.


  • Pass ball to right of cone and go to your left and retrieve the ball again.


  • Step over left and go right, Step over right and go left.


  • Step over left and go left, step over right and go right.


  • Double, triple + step overs.


  • Start with back to the direction you will dribble. Drag back to start the drill.


  • Scissors, doubles, triples etc…





  • Set up 3 cones approximately 5 yards apart each.


  • Use the moves above and perform as you dribble to each cone.


  • For example, roll ball with right foot to first cone, than perform a scissor, speed up to last cone only using front of right foot, go around last cone using outside of left foot.


  • You can design a variety of routines for your players to perform.


  • I allow some of my higher skilled players to create a routine for the team.


Dribble & Drop Off


  • Groups of 3


  • Player 1 dribble toward player 2. Both players move toward each other.  As they near, the player #1 drops the ball off for player # 2.


  • Player #2 will now repeat the process with player #1 and the is process will keep repeating.


Tunnel Drill


  • Place 3 cones 5 yards apart each in a straight line.


  • One player will stand on each of the 3 cones.


  • The player on the cone must keep one foot on the cone at all time and not switch feet.


  • One player at a time will around each player on the cone.


  • This drill is obviously for the dribbler to get a real feel with a limited defender.


  • The defender on the cone, can pivot and use their free foot to steal.


  • NOTE: The player dribbling must stay within close enough range that the defender on the cone can make contact.


Pass The Gate


  • Set up to separate sets of cones behind the defender approximately 4-5 feet apart.


  • The attacker can choose which set of cones to attempt to dribble thru.


  • The defender will be unaware of which set of cones the attacker will choose.


Keeper Attack



  • Attempt to dribble  past a keeper that is standing between two cones 5-10 yards apart.


  • This is a great drill for your field players, but it will also help your keeper work on the diving skills.


1 V 1 V 1



  • Player #1 attempts to dribble past player #2.


  • If player #1 gets past player #2, they’ll attempt to dribble past player #3.


  • If they’re successful passing both players, they’ll turn around and try again.


  • If player #1 passes player #2, but Player #3 steal the ball, now player #3 will attempt to get past player #1.


  • 5 by yards with each grid 5 yards a part.  The middle grid is a neutral zone that give the attacker a moment to regroup of passing the first defender.




  • Place one player inside of 10 yard radius circle.  Place 6 other players on the outside of the circle.


  • The player with the ball must attempt to dribble outside of the circle between two of the six players.


  • This can be done with two players working as at team and incorporate passing, but one of them must successfully dribble out of circle between two players on the circle.  Place more players on the circle when you use two attackers trying to get out.


  • NOTE: Players that make the circle are allowed to come to the inside of the circle to steal the ball.  If the ball is stolen, allow the circle to play keep away for 3o seconds from the 1 or 2 players that had the ball stolen.


  • OPTION: If the player(s) dribble the ball thru two players on the circle, those two players must run a lap or sprint before returning to the game.


World Cup Dribbling Version



  • One keeper is used in this game.


  • Start the game with 4 soccer balls in play.


  • Each player will partner up.



  • If one player of each group dribbles the ball into the goal, they will qualify to the next round and wait off the field.


  • The keeper will attempt to kick or dive onto the ball and throw or punt it out of the goal area.


  • Any players that don’t score before the round is over are out and must juggle or perform another skill that you choose until you start another game.


  • The amount of time for each round, depends on how quick the players are scoring. You don’t want all groups qualifying into each round.


  • I recommend ending the round when 1 or 2 teams are still left in the game.





  • Scrimmage #1: Small sided game 4 v 4 or 5 v 5.  Object is to dribble the ball into the goal of the other team.  NO SHOOTING.  


  • I recommend using cones for your goals.  Separate the cones approximately 5 yards apart.  Adjust size of goal depending on the age and skill level of your players.


  • Scrimmage #2: Play a full sided game on your field.  This can be played as a regular game, but players must dribble the ball into the goal.


  • TIP: Don’t use goalies with this style of play.


I hope you enjoyed these drills.  I will make a video of some of the drills within the next week.  One of my players will be glad to demonstrate.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.

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