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Franklin Sports Super Skin Dodge Ball

Product: Super Skin Dodge Ball

Price: $44.99

Best Deal: Amazon

Size: 6″ comes in a set of six

                                           Rating: 4 out of 5



  • Fun for all ages


  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor play


  • Sold as a 6 pack assorted colors


  • 6″ diameter


  • Super Skin, Non Sting, very durable




Click on the Link below and you will get a quick review of the top 5 dodge balls of 2018


Will A Foam Dodge Ball Last Years?


  • The answer is yes, but the reality is it depends on how much use you get out of the ball and how respectful your campers/students handle your equipment. In this day and age, most schools and camps that allow dodge ball will use a foam ball. Foam or rubber you’re only going to get so much use out of it, so you’re going to want to get the most for your money.


  • After 22 years teaching Physical Education and 18 years Owning my own Multi-Sports Camp I can tell you that you’ll probably get 2 or 3 years out of the best quality dodge balls. I play Dodge ball every so often in Phys. Ed. class, maybe equaling up to 7 classes a day for up to 5 or 6 weeks. On top of this you can add in my Multi-Sports Camp for 5 weeks which adds up to about 5-10 hours of dodge ball tournaments a week for 5 weeks. I also use the same dodge balls for team hand ball, soccer at times and capture the hand ball. I’m getting a lot of use out of my Dodge balls and they still last two or three years, some up to 4 years with the loss of shape, but still work great.


  • What You Want in a Dodge Ball


  • A ball that takes a way the sting.


  • Easy to grip: A ball that a kid can squish a little but still return to it’s normal size.


  • Easy to throw: I recommend around the 6″ size. You can even go to a 5″, but I wouldn’t i drop to the 3″. They sell huge dodge balls as big as 12″, but it’s a waste of money. They’re more expensive, difficult to throw far and easy to catch. These are all qualities you don’t want in a dodge ball.


  • Easy to catch: Most dodge balls are easy to catch, but if you go to small like a 3 1/4 inch dodge ball, they’ll be cheaper, but difficult to catch. Since they’re lighter it’s easier to get a sore arm. This is especially not good for baseball/softball players.


  • Durability: The cheaper you go , the less durable the ball usually is and the less amount of mileage you will get out of the ball.


  • Versatility: If the ball is of good quality you can use it for other sports such as soccer, team hand ball, capture the hand ball and simple throwing and catching skills.


  • Rubber Ball: A rubber ball will eventually lose shape and can puncture just like any other ball, but most are very sturdy. If you’re running a camp or a class, no matter the age you’re likely to have a lot of injuries. We use foam dodge balls with my high school wrestling team on occasion and they have a blast. If you’re running an adult dodge ball league than I would go the route of a rubber ball.





  • If I were to run an adult league I think this may be a good choice, but I only use it for kick ball.


  • Not a favorite to use for kids.  You will have a lot of injuries and tears.


  • I stay away from Rubber balls for dodge ball so I can’t give a fair opinion on this ball for dodge ball.  It works fine for kick ball.   Nothing special.
Tip: The first time you put air in a ball, especially a kick ball or soccer ball,  only fill it with about 80% and let it settle.  I wait another day before I fill it close to near full.


  • By far my favorite ball.


  • Ranked #2 just ahead of #3 Gator Skin. I actually had no intention to buy this ball. They were $10 a ball in Target which is way more than I like to spend, but I had to do a birthday party and forgot my equipment, so I was desperate. I instantly fell in love with this ball. It has a heavier feel to it and the ability to throw further than the #3 gator skin. Once I saw the great price that Amazon has I added them into my camp the last two weeks. You can judge for yourself, but the kids at my camp love them.


  • Takes a long time to lose shape.


  • A little tougher to squeeze than the gator skin, but I watch children throw and catch this ball without much difficulty.


  • Durable


  • All dodge balls can be punctured and tear, but this ball is as good as they come.


  • The price on this ball is as good and better than the other top balls.


  • Not a fan of the lack of give on impact. When you squeeze the ball, you’ll know right away the difference than most foam dodge balls.




  • A decent ball for a good 6 pack price.


  • I didn’t like how the skin of the ball seems to separate from the foam inside quicker than I would prefer.  This makes it easier to tear, but it’s still a decent ball and allows kids to be fearless.


  • Lighter than most of the competitors.


  • Non-Sting


  • This is a very good ball and was my favorite until very recently. It’s only about $3 more expensive than a set of 6 Franklin Sport Super Skin Dodge balls, so you’re getting a good deal on this ball.


  • I really think it only loses shape faster than the Mikasa and Super Skin.


  • Good price only second to the Super skin, which is #2 on the review.


  • I’ve used many of the top dodge balls and I know first hand what kind of mileage you get out of them for such a good price.

#4 Go Sports

  • Love that it comes with a storage bag.  If your in need of a bag, than you’ll get a great deal with a pack of 6 + bag.


  • I finally bought a Go sports ball for the first time and I can’t give a long term opinion on it, but it has a similar feel to the Super skin.


  • I personally would rank it above the Gator Skin.


  • Non-Sting


  • The price is decent. Only $5+ more than the Rhino and as much $10+ more than the Gator Skin for a set of 6.

 #5 Rhino Skin

  • This ball doesn’t have the greatest bounce to it.  It’s never been that important to me for a dodge ball, if you prefer a bounce don’t get this ball.


  • Non sting


  • Loses shape faster than the Super skin, but the top 5 balls are all decent.


  • Tears easier than the others.


  • $5-10 more than the super skin


  • Some of my comments on the Rhino skin ball may come across a little harsh, but the fact that I can’t find a great deal on the ball and it’s of less quality, turns me off. At the same time, it can’t hurt to buy a ball and see if it’s for you. It’s a decent ball, but not one that I favor.


Final Thoughts

Look at your program and age that you teach. If you’re dealing with adult league dodge ball tournaments than the Mikasa may be very attractive to you. On the other side of the spectrum if the majority of your campers/students are under the age of 8 you may want a slower lighter ball that will be difficult for young kids to wear out like the gator skin.  I would assume that most of us are looking for something in the middle of the spectrum, but everyone’s needs are different.


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