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Custom Frisbee Golf


It’s very simple to customize your own frisbee golf course without having frisbee golf supplies.  All you need are frisbees, hula hoops and preferably soccer corner flags, but any type of pole that you can stick in the ground will work or extra large cones.


Frisbee Golf


Equipment: 1 hula hoop, 1 flag for every hole you have on the course and 1 frisbee for each player.


Age: 5 yrs & up (K & up)


  • Make the distance of the holes a shorter for younger campers/students.


  • You can make a par 3, 4 and 5 for older campers.  9 yrs & up (4th grade & up)


GET CREATIVE! If every hole on your course is 5o yards of grass and nothing else it can get boring fast for kids.




  • Place a parachute on a fairway to represent a pond.  A player will lose a stroke if their frisbee lands in it.


  • Use jump ropes and form circles on the fairway or near the green (flag with hoop) to create sand traps.


  • Standing mats on a course can represent trees or inclines.

  • Set up designated areas in the course that must be completed before reaching the hole ( hula with flag) For example: frisbee must pass thru an arch. ==========================>


Here’s another low budget game.


Photos For Set Up Ideas






CLICK HERE to see a short video displaying one idea for a hole on your frisbee golf course.


Games With A Frisbee


Designate a throwing line for your campers/students. Place a bunch of hula hoops out in the distance and let the kids throw at the same time and try and land their frisbee in a hoop. Very Simple and a fun game for 5 minutes with 5-8 years of age.


Throwing For Distance


Set up the campers/students behind a designated line see who can throw the furthest.


Frisbee Tag


Equipment: 1 Frisbee and Pinnies


Age: 5 yrs & up (K & up)


Tip: I recommend 4 vs 4 games so all the kids can be involved in the game.


  • Two teams


  • One team starts with the frisbee.


  • The other team attempts to tag the player with the frisbee or intercept the frisbee.


  • It’s basically a keep away game.


Frisbee Tic Tac Toe


Equipment: Hula hoops or spray paint


Ages: 7 years & up (2nd grade & up)



A few more that are self explanatory



  • Frisbee Bocce


  • Frisbee Horse or out (Same way you play in basketball)


I hope you enjoyed these games.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.




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