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Building Rock Climbing Wall-Kids


Building a rock wall in your gym or camp is much easier than you think.  If you’re not interested in ropes, cables and the fear of kids falling than you’ve come to the right place.  The rock wall that I built doesn’t require ropes and cables.   I’m going to give you a few options for how to build your rock climbing wall for kids and a variety of different games to play.




TIP: Many schools have different methods to finding money so if it’s not in your school budget look for other avenues.


  • Grant




  • Make it a school project.  Have students help build the wall.  Involve the maintenance and/or custodians.


  • Fundraiser.  GET THE KIDS/PTO INVOLVED!  When your doing something for the kids, parents are more likely to be eager to help.


Here are a few photos of the rock wall that I built. I’ll be the first to say that I’m not that handy and I had a lot of help.



  • The Wall is broken up into 8 panels.


  • Of course the students/campers are allowed to climb up, but the object is to work their way from panel 1 all the way to panel 8.


  • Student are not allowed to put their feet above the white line.


  • The rules on the red sign are just a few that I came up with to keep the kids safe.


  • I built this many years ago, but the cost was about $2,000, including about 50% of the holds and mats.  I bought more holds year by year.


  • We used plywood and 2 X 4’s to build most of the wall.  TIP: If you put sand in your paint it will give more grip to the wall, so if a your foot slips off the hold, it will have a little more grip on the wall.


  • You can save a lot of money by building your own wall and it’s great for public relations.


  • You can’t go wrong getting kids and parents involved when you’re doing something positive for the kids.


TIP:  Have the local paper take a picture with some of the kids.  Let them know that this will be a part of your Summer Camp. CUTE VIDEO




You can go with something like this, but you’re already spending over the option 1 cost and the size of the rock wall is smaller.

CLICK HERE if you would like to see some options that gopher sporting goods offer.  It’s more expensive but you have some options.







  • The 3rd options is definitely the cheapest route, especially if you already have mats to lay under the holds.


  • You can simply drill the holds into the concrete wall of your gym.

  • No need to build a wall yourself or purchase a wall if your budget is tight.


I prefer to have a lot of large holds on my wall, but there’s nothing wrong with having some small holds here and there.  Amazon has good deals on the smaller holds, but Everlast Climbing Comany is definitely the way to go when looking for larger holds and more variety.


EVERLAST CLIMBING COMPANY: They have great holds for ADAPTIVE PHYSICAL EDUCATION and younger students/campers. Very important to put in this code” Multisport 10AP ” at Everlast to get a discount.




  • Some holds are capable of supporting posts and hula hoops to challenge your students.


  • The kids can climb over and in the obstacles.







  • Color game: Climbers are not allowed to touch the yellow holds.


  • Color game variation: Right can’t touch green holds.


  • Speed Challenge: Time students/campers on how fast they can get across the wall without falling.  IMPORTANT TIP: Designate a low height to stay below, since students/campers will be motivated to go faster than normal.


  • Speed Challenge variation: Set a time of 20 seconds and the students/campers receive a point for every hold they touch or the distance they reached.  This is a better option if you have a large group and a small wall.


  • Shadow Drill: The player behind their partner must step and grab the exact same holds.  Follow the leaders pattern.


  • Math Challenge: Numbers are placed sporadically all over the wall.  Give the kids a math problem and they climb and touch the answer.  For example: If you say 7-3, they must climb and touch the #4 on the wall.  You can draw numbers on the wall or use paper and tape, depending on what type of wall you have


  • Get Dressed: Place articles of clothing on various holds.  Students/campers must put on the clothing as they may their way to end of the wall.  Wrist bands, scarfs and small hoops to fit over the head and pinnies are some things I use in this game.


  • Twister:  Just like the board game, the instructor can call out a color for the right hand, left foot etc… This can be challenging so make sure your climbers can handle this activity.


  • Marco Polo: A Blindfolded player on the ground, attempts to tag players on the wall.  If a player is tagged they will take the blindfold.


  • Marco Polo Variation: Same rules as above, but if a player gets tired and comes off the wall, the players on the wall yell, “MONKEY OFF THE WALL”  The blindfolded player takes off the blindfold and attempts to tag the monkey before the reach the designated safe zone, which can simply be a cone or wall on the other side of the gym.


  • Memory: You can use “go fish” cards.  I’ll place them all over the wall, so if a kid finds a #3, they’ll have remember where the other #3 is.  This game is a blast!  On occasion you may find yourself fixing cards that have fallen, but that’s the extent of your job once the game is explained.





I hope you found this information useful.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.









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