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Best Summer Camp For Girls


Female Counselor’s


Any camp can be suitable for girls.  It doesn’t need to be a girls camp only.  You just need to do some things that will make the girls comfortable.  The first thing you need to do is hire Female counselors.  This doesn’t mean that the girl campers must only be with the Female counselor’s, but having them there will help.  The girls will look up to and relate more to Female counselor’s for the most part.  At the same time I recommend that each week the girls have both Male and Female counselor’s during their daily activities.




If the girls want to play the typical camp sports like basketball, soccer and even football they should be able to participate.  What I advise, is to have more options for them such as volleyball,badminton, dance, gymnastics, cooperative games etc…. (My boys won’t admit, but they enjoy the line dancing)


Set up their day, for example so they can participate in badminton for one session and basketball for another.  Have some activities where the girls are only playing with other girls and some where they’re mixed in with the boys.



I prefer pickle ball nets, because they’re much lower and it gives kids a higher success rate.  It also allows you to put the bases on chairs or crates to raise the height if you so choose and it saves you money. You can use nets for volleyball, pickle ball and of course badminton.



Tip: Allow the girls to have a separate room for lunch.  They need that time for themselves.




If you’re around girls because you’re a teacher,coach, counselor etc…. Ask them if their coming to your camp?  Talk to them about your camp?  Let them know how much fun it is.  Give some information about your female counselor’s.  For Example: My Counselor Gianna is awesome, she just received a soccer scholarship to Montclair University!  I would love for you to meet her.  It’s not a sales pitch, but more a way to let the girls know they’re welcome.  I guarantee you, many of them didn’t even realize the camp is designed for girls.




Give them credit.  Many of them may prefer to play with the boys and/or play the more physical sports.  I would never recommend to take those options away.  I’m only saying that they should have the freedom of options.  Many of my campers and students enjoy ping pong and badminton.  It’s a nice change of pace to go from dodge ball to badminton to basketball to ping pong to soccer to volleyball and so on throughout the course of the day.




Make sure you use the words boys and girls on your flyers, registration forms and website.  Put pictures of girls on your website and your forms.  Have pictures and the names of your female counselor’s on your website.  Give a little information about your counselor’s on your site.  It will allow the kids to get to know the counselor’s before they meet them in person.


I hope you enjoyed this page.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.



  1. Ravihansa Rajapakse

    My fiancee has been searching for means to spend time on a meaningful activity which is also good for her body. She likes camping but refuses to join me saying that they don’t have good activities for women. This would be a good article for my friends who organise camps. Maybe my wife may consider joining them after I share this article with them.

    • admin

      So glad I could help!  Any camp can be girl friendly, but the camp owners/directors just need to put some effort into it.  Best of luck! 🙂


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