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Camp Physical Education

Best Memory Games


Stimulate the memory of your campers/students while participating in a fun activity.  Many games to choose from for your camp or class.  I will show how to play some of the best memory games I’ve come across over the last 20+ years in Physical Education and some unique tic tac toe games.  They’re just simple games adjusted into a gym setting.




Grades: K-8th


Equipment: 5 dome cones, frisbees and objects of your choice (options:playing cards, bean bags, fake fruit, scarves etc..)


  • Let’s say you have 5 teams of 5 in a straight line behind a dome cone.


  • On the opposite side of your gym, you will place frisbees all over the floor.


  • Place two of the same items on different frisbees.


  • The first player in each line may run to the frisbees and lift up two of them.


  • If a player makes a match, they bring the frisbees and item back to their team.


  • Which ever team has the most frisbees at the end of the game wins.


  • Note: Players can help each other remember where items are as the game continues.




  • Each team has a designated object to find.


  • One team has to find all of the bean bags, the other team rubber chickens, next team scarves etc…


  • When they find the correct they bring it back to their team along with the frisbee.


  • Whichever team has the most frisbees wins the game.




  • Looking to teach your students or campers about nutrition, bones or muscles?


  • Players can match two pieces of fruit or vegetables.


  • Two bones or two muscles.


  • Option: increase difficulty by only allowing bones in the leg to be matched or upper body.


  • Match to items low in sugar or high in fat.  


  • NOTE: Food cards are ideal for this type of game or you could make your own.


Memory Tarp


CLICK HERE to see a video on this game.


Grades: 2nd-8th


Equipment: 1 tarp per team (5-10 player ea team), clip board & paper.


  • Choose 1 captain per team. The captain will hold a minature version of the tarp with a pattern colored in.


  • One player at a time from each team will attempt to make their way across the tarp one step at a time.


  • The captain can only say “no” if a player steps in the wrong location or “yes” if they step in the correct location. Option: use a bell for “no” and say nothing for “yes”


  • Tip: Give each team a different pattern, but make sure they have the same amount of steps to take.


  • Players are not allowed to skip over spaces or step on the same space twice.


  • The older the player, the more steps you can add and increase the difficulty with the pattern.


Memory Spelling Challenge


Grades: 3rd-12th


Equipment: Letters & Frisbees and  Dome cones


  • Each team will start behind a designated cone.


  • The teams will be given the same word or a different word with the same amount of letters.


  • One letter will be placed under each frisbee.


  • Players can only take a letter in the correct order.  For example: If the word is wrestling, the first player must find a “W”.  If they don’t than the next player will need to find a “W”. 


  • Once the “W” is found, the next player will search for the letter “r”.


  • OPTION: Allow students to take any letter they choose, until the word is spelled.  You also have an option to put letters under the frisbee that don’t belong.


Tic Tac Toe

Grades: 2nd-8th


Equipment: 2 sets of 9 hula hoops, 4 sets of 3 bean bags (2 colors), 4 dome cones.


  • Two separate games can be played at the same time.


  • Each team starts behind a designated dome cone.


  • Each team has 3 bean bags of the same color.


  • On the signal to start the game, the first player in line of each team runs to the set of 9 hula hoops and places a bean bag in a hoop.


  • The next player in line will do the same thing and so will the third player.  


  • After all 3 bean bags are in a hoop, the next player may move one of their bean bags until they get 3 in a row.


  • Note: Players may only touch their own bean bags.


  • Option: You can use cones instead of hula hoops.  Players will place the bean bag in the center of a square formed by the cones.




  • Feet only, using soccer balls.


  • Rubber deck rings can be used to design the tic tac toe.


  • Players must move the balls in & out of deck rings, using feet only.


Human Tic Tac Toe


Grades: 2nd-8th


Equipment: 1 dome cone per team & 9 hula hoops


  • Each team will be behind a designated dome cone.


  • First player in line will run to the hoops placed on the opposite side of the gym & sit in a hoop.


  • 2nd & 3rd player will sit in a hoop to form a row of 3.


  • If a row of 3 hasn’t been formed yet, the next person in line will tell which player on their team to get out of a hoop and they will enter another hoop.


CLICK HERE to check out a different style of human tic tac toe, than the style I just described.



Grades: 2nd-12th


Equipment: You will need high number of dome cones for this game.  Approximately 40-50.


  • Each team will line up behind a designated cone on one end of the gym.


  • On the other end of the gym, a row of cones will be hidden from each team. You can use a bench or mat to hide the pattern.


  • One at a time, each player must run to the other end of the gym and try to match the color pattern that is hidden.


  • Each time a player places a cone on the ground, the teacher will let them know if it’s a match or not.


  • NOTE: The difficulty of the color pattern can be increased by adding more colors.   Depending on the age, you can start with 4 colors & increase or decrease as you wish.


  • TIP: I prefer to play with 3 teams.  It’s easier to react to correct or incorrect color placing.


Basketball Tic Tac Toe


Grades: 3rd-12th


Equipment: Hula hoops, basketballs & cones.


  • Each team has a designated color & 3 basketballs.


  • This game is played just like the bean bag tic tac toe.


  • Players must dribble the ball from hoop to hoop.


  • TIP: Spread the 9 hoops as much as you can in your gymnasium.


  • OPTION: Play with 3 teams instead of two.  Make 4 rows of 4 with the hula hoops and now teams must make a row of 4 instead of 3. (5th-12th grade)


CLICK HERE to check out a few rainy day games.


I hope you enjoyed these games.  Please feel free to leave a comment or question below.


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